From private to public, RCBC 3+1 student opts to save thousands on college education
Monday, Apr 05, 2021

Colleen Massott

For Rowan College at Burlington County student Colleen Massott, returning to college as an adult learner was a process 10 years in the making -- filled with trial, error and thoughtful reevaluation. After graduating high school in 2001, Massott enrolled at Wilkes University, a private institution with a hefty price tag. After realizing the financial obligation was unrealistic for both herself and her parents, she returned home and opted for community college on and off for the next several years. 

“I am now finally in a place in my life where I can grab ahold of the opportunity to continue my education, and I’m not letting go,” Massott shared. “I just have a much stronger appreciation for it now. I am so grateful to be able to finally complete my degree and one that will suit me well in my career.”

Massott, of Cinnaminson, who runs her own photography business Colleen Angela Photography, chose to pursue RCBC’s 3+1 Applied Professional Communication degree, knowing that a foundation in communications, marketing and public relations will serve her business well. Additionally, saving around $75,000 toward her bachelor’s degree hasn’t gone lost on her. 

“RCBC’s cost for the 3+1 program is unmatched and will not leave me with crippling student debt like so many of my friends and family who’ve completed their bachelor’s degrees elsewhere,” Colleen said. “It’s also a very short drive from my house, offers a wide range of classes and truly accommodates adult learners.”

Massott touts RCBC for crediting qualifying work and life experience toward her degree, and she’s enjoyed forming lasting relationships with some of her professors. 

“Education is key, as they say, but so is life experience,” Massott said. “I do have a few really good memories from my time at RCBC thus far. The one that comes right to mind is having the pleasure of meeting and working with Professor James Gibson for many of my CAD-related courses. He was awesome, and he could see the course was something I had already surpassed. The fact that I already knew the material is only part of this experience. The most memorable part is that he was so down to earth, and his experience was in the same field I had worked in for so many years. I just really enjoyed that and got to work with him for almost three courses; I loved that, and I won’t ever forget him.”

As for her future plans, Colleen looks forward to pursuing a master’s degree in Communications after completing her 3+1 degree, with the hopes of transitioning to a fulfilling career in Public Relations. During her free time, she enjoys Zumba, weight lifting, travel and spending as much time as possible with her family of five. 

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