RCBC Student Success Coaches provide guidance and support during your college journey. Through our coaching sessions, we hope to encourage and empower you to make your own best choices and offer the strategies and skills to help get you there.

Guiding You on Your Pathway Toward Success

Success is often a continual path rather than an immediate solution ― our success coaches are here to help you work through the roadblocks and reach your goals. Our coaching sessions may include: 

  • Developing Strategies for Academic & Future Success
  • Creating an Academic Action Plan
  • Reviewing Academic and Study Skills
  • Managing Your Time
  • Staying Motivated
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Connecting to College Resources
Meet Our Success Coaching Team

A photo of JoshJosh DiPrima (he, him, his)
Student Success Coach
M.A. Candidate, Rutgers University

While an undergraduate student at Rowan University, Josh was a success coach and a teaching assistant (TA). During this adventure, he learned how to manage his newfound independence. With school, jobs, and a social life, creating a schedule was a learning process, and he is excited to share his experiences and expertise!

Josh defines a success coach as someone who helps students create and achieve their goals, as well as improve study strategies, increase motivation, and develop good habits. 

In his spare time, Josh enjoys videogames, rock-climbing, hiking, and playing the piano. His favorite quote: "I am a slow walker, but I never walk back." ― Abraham Lincoln

Peggy Dorsey (she, her, hers) 
Student Success Coach
M.S., Capella University

Peggy has more than 25 years of experience helping students to achieve their educational goals through personal motivation and strategies to empower learning. She believes that time is never wasted if it results in new learning experiences, and finding someone to help with the process can lead to positive results!

Peggy is a pet parent to her Boxer mix, Rocky, and her cat – the house panther – Shadow.

Her favorite quote: “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ― A.A. Milne

Victoria Bowman (she, her, hers)
Student Success Coordinator
M.A., Rutgers University

As a first-generation student, Vicky believes in the power of education and feels passionately that students are in control of their journey to succeed in college and beyond. As a success coach and college instructor, she encourages her students to find opportunities, make connections, and embrace growth.

Her favorite quote: “I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.” ― Jack Kerouac

Meet Our Peer Mentors

At RCBC, peer mentors share their special student-to-student wisdom. They are a great fit when you need help with technology, Blackboard, time management, and learning more about the college. 

Isaiah (he, him, his) 
Cyber Security

Isaiah enjoys helping students and being someone others can look up to. During his time at RCBC, he has navigated time management and successfully balanced school and work.

In his spare time, Isaiah likes working out, barbering, and exploring new places. His favorite quote: “The end of something is better than its beginning. Patience is better than pride.” – Ecclesiastes 7:8


Jalen (she, her, hers) 

As she works toward completing her associate degree, Jalen is proud of her academic success. She has experience navigating RCBC while also dealing with financial and COVID-19 related stress. According to Jalen, a coach is someone who guides a student on their own path to success.

Jalen enjoys shopping, dancing, and skating. Her favorite quote: “Move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy.” – Sade Adu

Coaching Corner

For all in-person appointments and walk-ins, meet us in the Coaching Corner! Located on the 2nd floor, Student Success Center, we're right at the top of the stairs.

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