Proud mother, wife and child advocate
Monday, Mar 18, 2019

Heather Casparro

Heather Casparro graduated from RCBC in May 2018 with an associate degree in Human Services with a perfect 4.0 GPA, she is currently serving as an Alumni Trustee. In the fall Casparro will be finishing her bachelor’s in Behavioral Sciences from Wilmington University, where she has also achieved straight A’s and recognition on the dean’s list.

Casparro, of Westampton, was a stay at home mom to two boys, Aiden and Dane, before enrolling at RCBC in 2015. She grew up without much guidance, knew she had more work ahead of her than most students. She had an undiagnosed learning disability and possessed few literacy skills, which made it very difficult to read. Her perseverance paid off in the end. She earned two scholarships from the National Organization for Human Services, beating a nationwide pool of students that included students working on their master’s degree, and received the RCBC Human Services Academic Award and the RCBC President’s Award scholarship.

“The academic insight I received at RCBC also carried into my family life. With a better understanding and perspective on education, my children have also been thriving,” Casparro said. “As I got myself caught up with my education, I was able to guide my children on the right path. They were able to observe and recognize the importance on educational goals, it painted a bigger picture for them. Straight A’s for everyone in this household, mission accomplished, thank you RCBC.”

Casparro thrives in helping others and hopes to extend her abilities professionally. RCBC has allowed her to build an academic foundation in the Human Services field and incorporate her volunteer work into her education. The Human Services program continues to be her stepping stone in working with a diverse population of child welfare. She recently completed an internship with the Burlington County Coalition for Healthy Communities and her final internship is set for the fall as a court appointed special advocate (CASA), where she also volunteers.

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