This pathway leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Professional Communication from Rowan University!

3+1 students are required to earn at least one associate degree prior to transitioning into senior year. Communication Arts (AA.COM) is the recommended associate degree. Courses from the associate degree should be used to satisfy requirements listed below. This is a sample schedule. Please see your personalized plan in AVISO, if you have already signed up for 3+1.


Sample Schedule for 3+1 Applied Professional Communication

RCBC Courses: total of 90 credits

Semester 1 (15 credits)

  • ENG 101 College Composition I
  • Social science (see associate degree for options)
  • Math: MTH-107 or higher
  • Artistic Literacy: ART 101, MUS 101, or THR 101
  • Elective (recommend CIS 101 or CIS 161 for AA.COM

Semester 2 (16 credits)

  • ENG 102 College Composition II
  • Social Science (see associate degree for options)
  • SPE 102 Public Speaking
  • Natural Science with lab (see associate’s degree for options)
  • Elective (recommend COM 105, ENG 251, JOU 101 or SOC 207 for AA.COM)

Semester 3 (15 credits)

  • Natural Science (see associate degree for options)
  • *COM 200 Business and Professional Communication
  • History (see associate degree for options)
  • Elective (recommend ENG 252 for AA.COM)

Elective (recommend Art/Humanities for AA.COM)

Semester 4 (15 credits)

  • Diversity Course (see associate degree for options)
  • Elective (recommend History for AA.COM)
  • Elective (recommend COM 105, ENG 251, JOU 101 or SOC 207 for AA.COM)
  • Elective (recommend Art/Humanities for AA.COM)
  • Elective

Semester 5 (15 credits)

  • Global Literacy (recommend ANT 102 or SOC 205; see Rowan Relations for full list)
  • *COM 301 Writing Research and Technology
  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

Semester 6 (14 credits)

  • Literature (PHI 205 or any RCBC LIT except LIT 215 and LIT 218
  • *GDD 317 Publication Layout and Design
  • *COM 212 Introduction to Digital and Emerging Media
  • Elective
  • Elective


Check self-service for prerequisite requirements and associate degree requirements.

Electives are any RCBC course; email for questions about electives.

If you complete all recommended and required courses, earn an AA.COM degree after semester 4.


COM 301 is a fall only course; must be signed up for 3+1 to register for this course.

GDD 317 and COM 212 are spring only courses.

*COM 200, COM 212, COM 301 and GDD 317 must be C or higher.


Rowan University Courses: 30 credits
Courses are taken in a hybrid format (online and in Mount Laurel).

Semester 1 (15 credits)

  • WA 01.322 Writing for the Workplace OR WA 01.302 Intro. to Technical Writing (WI)
  • CMS 04.315 Participatory Media
  • PR 05.350 Strategic Communication Overview
  • WA 01.406 Professional Practices and Partnerships I
  • Free Elective or Core Literacy

Semester 2 (15 credits)

  • RTF 03.394 New Media Production
  • JRN 02.319 Media Ethics
  • CMS 04.318 Leadership Communication
  • ADV 04.360 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • WA 01.404 Professional Practices and Partnerships Practicum 2


Meet with Rowan University Advisor prior to senior year to confirm schedule.

All program courses in the senior year must be C- or higher.

Must take a minimum of 30 credits with Rowan University.

Total credits required for BA is 120 between Rowan University credits and transfer credits.