We've identified some frequently asked questions about our 3+1 program. If your question isn't answered below, please contact us. 

How and when should I sign up for 3+1?

You need to be an RCBC student to apply to 3+1. If you are not an RCBC student apply to RCBC at rcbc.edu/apply. After you are accepted to RCBC, follow steps 3-7.

The Rowan Relations office encourages students to sign up when they have completed anywhere from 0-75 credits. Students interested in the Inclusive Education major should apply during their first semester at RCBC. 

Please note that students are not eligible for the 3+1 program in Nursing until they have been accepted into the RCBC Nursing program.

Are the 3+1 programs offered fully online?

Only Psychology is offered fully online. The other programs require at least 1 in-person course. Please reach out to 3plus1@rcbc.edu for specific information about your major and the number of in-person courses required. 

Can I transfer in credits from another school towards the 3+1 program?

Yes. Please send all official college transcripts to RCBC to see what transfers into the freshman-junior year. You will also be required to submit a second official copy of your transcripts to Rowan University prior to beginning your senior year.

Can I do 3+1 if I have an associate degree from another school?

Yes. Make sure you apply to RCBC and select non-degree seeking as your major. Send all official college transcripts to RCBC for evaluation. RCBC will determine how many credits transfer in towards the 3+1 program. Students need to complete about 90 credits before moving on to senior year courses with Rowan University.  After applying to RCBC, follow steps 3-7. Please note students with associate degrees from a school other than RCBC may not be eligible for state grants.

I already graduated from RCBC (or BCC); can I come back for the 3+1 program?

Yes. If it has been more than three years since you graduated from RCBC (or BCC), please fill out the RCBC application again and select non-degree seeking as your major. If you graduated from RCBC fewer than three years ago, log into your baron-one account and click on the Self-Service tile. Then follow steps 3-7.

I previously attended RCBC (or BCC) and never graduated; can I come back for the 3+1 program?

Yes. If it has been more than three years since you took a course with RCBC (or BCC), please fill out the RCBC application again and select a major to complete an associate degree. If you took courses fewer than three years ago with RCBC, you can see Academic Advising to see how close you are to completing an associate degree. Log into your Self-Service account and follow steps 3-7.

How do I register for junior year courses?

Registration is through RCBC and completed the same way you registered for your freshman and sophomore year. You can register through Self-Service or in person with RCBC registration.

Which classes do I need to take?

Before enrolling in the program, please follow the major maps. Once you are enrolled in the program, you will be provided an individual plan to follow by the Rowan Relations Office.

What is the cost of the junior year courses?

The junior year courses are charged at RCBC’s cost. Please visit rcbc.edu/student-accounts/tuition-fees for more information.

Can I receive scholarships in the 3+1 program?

Students can receive private scholarships throughout the program and are encouraged to apply. Click here for information about private scholarships. Students in the freshman-junior year can apply for RCBC foundation scholarships, as well. Seniors will receive a discount on the Rowan University tuition but no additional scholarships from Rowan University.

Who do I talk to about financial aid, RCBC or Rowan University?

Freshman, sophomore and junior year financial aid is processed through RCBC. Please review RCBC’s financial aid website for information about filling out the FAFSA, deadlines and completing any required documents. Senior year aid is processed through Rowan University. Make sure RCBC’s school code is on your FAFSA for freshman, sophomore and junior year, and make sure Rowan University’s school code is on your FAFSA for senior year.

What will my diploma say?

Most students will earn two degrees and receive two separate diplomas for an associate degree from RCBC and a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University. If you have an associate degree from another school, you will just earn a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University.

How much does the senior year cost?

You will pay Rowan University’s tuition and fees for the senior year. Students will have between 30-32 credits left to complete in the senior year. If classes are taken in Mount Laurel or online, students will pay a discounted tuition rate. Click here for information about financial aid and billing for seniors.

How do I register for senior year courses?

Senior year courses are with Rowan University and the registration process is through Rowan University’s Registrar’s Office. 3+1 students will have Rowan University advisors on the Mount Laurel campus to assist in registration and advising for the senior year. Click here for information for seniors.

Do I have to take my senior year courses in Glassboro?

No! The senior year for all 3+1 majors is completed on the Mt. Laurel campus and/or online. Students never have to travel to Glassboro to take classes during their senior year. A student can choose to change to the Glassboro campus for senior year, but they will not receive a discount on tuition and will need to leave the 3+1 program.

I am a senior in the 3+1 program. Where do I find information?

Please click here for information about senior year. Please make sure you meet with your Rowan University advisor. It is mandatory before starting your senior year.