Earn an Associate of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Construction Management with 3+1 Construction Management.

Get ready to plan, execute, and monitor and control the construction process. In this program, you’ll learn about construction cost estimating, scheduling and contract law, while honing your communication and leadership skills. These skills are applicable to different job markets, including both residential and commercial projects. You may also go on to create your own construction/development company.

Possible Careers

  • General Contractors Project Managers/ Assistant Project Managers/ Project Engineers
  • Subcontractors Project Managers/Assistant Project Managers/ Project Engineers
  • Construction Project Estimators
  • Construction Project Schedulers
  • Construction Project Owner’s Representatives
  • Construction Company Owners (GC/CM)

Please note this major map guide is not a substitute for academic advisement.

Interested students can register for this program at any time by logging into BaronOne and then accessing the application in Self-Service.