We're here to help you stay on track on your path to graduation. We offer 4 pathways to help you complete your momentum year. 

Your success is important to us!

RCBC is joining in the 15 to Finish National Campaign.  This program focuses on promoting your path to completing college on time by having students complete either 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year.

15 to Finish at RCBCNational research shows that when you complete 30 credits per year you:

  • Stay on pace to graduate.
  • Perform the same or better in your courses.
  • Save money on tuition.
  • Reach career goals sooner.
  • Start earning money faster.
  • Increase your ability to graduate in 2 years.*

*This time frame can be impacted by program-specific requirements, major changes and/or the need to take developmental classes.

Stay on track by choosing a credit pathway

Maybe 15 credits per semester is too large of a workload for you. That’s okay! We’ve developed the following options to create flexible pathways to help keep you on track to graduate.

Option 1 - Fall 15/Winter 0/Spring 15/Summer 0 Option 2: Fall 9/Winter 3/Spring 9/Summer 9 Option 3: Fall 12/Winter 0/Spring 12/Summer 6 Option 4: Fall 12/Winter 3/Spring 12/Summer 3 blank space

To better understand the 15 to Finish national initiative check out these videos!

Meet with an advisor to get help planning out your next 15 to Finish semester.

Have any questions about 15 to Finish? Contact Advising at advising@rcbc.edu.