Incoming Transcripts

If you are a full-time student, please submit official transcripts from your college or university to the Admissions Office of Rowan College at Burlington County. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope from the college or university.

How to send your transcripts to RCBC

Send an official transcript from each college and/or university you've attended to the Rowan College at Burlington County Office of Admissions:

Rowan College at Burlington County
900 College Circle
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Only degree-seeking students will have their transcripts evaluated. A major must be declared in order for the transcript department to evaluate official transcripts.

If transferring into Rowan College at Burlington County as a visiting student, Click Here.

Rowan College at Burlington County accepts transfer credits, not grades, from accredited colleges and universities. Official college and university transcripts with course grade(s) of C or better will be considered for transfer. Grade(s) of C- or lower will not be considered for transfer. The maximum number of transfer credits may not exceed 49 credits.

Transfer credits are accepted from the following:

  • College and University Transcripts
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • AP Transcripts
  • DANTES Transcripts
  • WES/NACES Evaluated International Transcripts
  • Military Transcripts
  • Portfolios
  • Police and Fire Academy Training
  • Work and Life Experience 

Rowan College at Burlington County may award college credits for high school work with existing articulation agreements.

To obtain official Military transcripts please refer to the links below:

Outgoing Transcripts

Rowan College at Burlington County processes outgoing official transcripts for FREE. 

How to request your RCBC transcripts

Rowan College at Burlington County offers two methods to obtain your official transcript: 

  1. Current students have the option to order a transcript using their BaronOne accounts. 

  2. Former students, CAP students and alumni may request a transcript by completing our Transcript Request Form.

Rowan College at Burlington County is not permitted to release a transcript without the student’s written/authorized permission. 

Transcripts contain the complete academic record of the student up to the time it is issued. 

Students who owe money to the college will be notified their transcript request cannot be released until their balance is resolved. The transcript request will be processed immediately after the balance is paid.

If you need assistance, please email

Former Students, CAP Students and Alumni:

A transcript request may be made by following these simple instructions: 

  1. Print the Transcript Request Form.

  2. Complete the requested information with black/blue ink.

  3. Return the completed form to us for processing using any of the 3 methods listed on the form.  

If you need assistance, please email

*Please note: Transcripts of students who owe money to the college will not be released until the balance is resolved.

Current Students

The transcript request may be accessed through Self-Service by logging into BaronOne.  

Follow these instructions:

  1. Select: Send a Transcript to an Educational Institution.

  2. Select the state where the institution resides.

  3. A list of electronic capable institutions will appear.

  4. Select the correct recipient.

Note: If the college you are looking for is not listed, you may click on NONE OF THE ABOVE at the bottom of the list and click submit. This will redirect you to the screen where you will then place the educational institution's address for mailing.

Self-Service transcript requests will be processed during normal business hours.

You may view the status of the request via Self-Service under Transcript Request Status.

If you need assistance, please email

*Please note: Transcripts of students who owe money to the college will not be released until the balance is resolved.

Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams

An official transcript must be submitted directly from the AP/CLEP Testing Center to the Admission Office of Rowan College at Burlington County.

How to request an AP/CLEP transcript

To request an official copy of your Advanced Placement (AP) and/or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) transcript you may utilize the links below.

The link below indicates the minimum required score for transfer credit for AP and CLEP exams.

International Transcripts

Official international transcripts must be evaluated by World Educational Services (WES) or an NACES Member prior to being submitted to the Admissions Office of Rowan College at Burlington County. For more information on International Transcripts, click here.