The Dental Hygiene Clinic at Rowan College at Burlington County offers dental hygiene services to the community while providing clinical opportunities for our students in order to prepare them to become licensed registered dental hygienists. Our mission is to provide high-quality dental hygiene care at an affordable cost.

General Information Regarding Appointments

  • Please keep in mind that our clinic is an educational setting, and each appointment with a student is 3.5 hours. Services are provided by RCBC Dental Hygiene students while they are supervised and evaluated by licensed dental professionals.
  • As a new patient, the first appointment is a screening appointment that takes about 45 minutes and is no charge. It is important to note you will not receive a cleaning during this visit. Upon the completion of the screening appointment, we can schedule your appointments with a student for further treatment.
  • Please note accepting an appointment with a student is a commitment that you will arrive promptly for your scheduled appointments and fulfill your obligation to that student by staying the required 3 and a half (3.5) hoursDepending on your dental hygiene needs, more than one appointment may be necessary to complete your treatment. 


  • The dental hygiene clinic offers the following services based on individual patient needs:
    • Dental radiographs
    • Assessments
    • Prophylaxis (cleaning)
    • Periodontal scaling and root planing (deep cleaning)
    • Oral hygiene instructions
    • Fluoride treatment
    • Dental Sealants
    • Topical and/or local anesthesia for comfort, if indicated
  • Cost:
    • A fee of $10 is assessed at the first visit and includes any of the above services. The is no reduction or increase in fee based on the services completed.

If you are planning on making an appointment with our Dental Hygiene Center, please be sure to review our guidelines and patient forms before your visit.

The Dental Hygiene Center is located in the Health Sciences Center on the RCBC Mount Laurel Campus at:
1000 Briggs Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

For hours and to schedule an appointment, please call (856) 291-4215.