The bookstore is a one-stop-shop operated for the convenience of our students, faculty and staff. In addition to carrying the required and recommended books for all classes, the bookstore provides school supplies, textbooks, course materials, RCBC clothing, RCBC gift items and a variety of snacks.

ACCESS aims to lower costs, increase student success

RCBC students can now ACCESS their books and course materials with less cost and greater convenience.

In an effort to better support students in the classroom, and to provide more predictability over the costs of books, RCBC students pay a flat rate ($21 per credit) for all of their books and course materials. The charge will be included in their bill so students can use their financial aid or payment plans for their books.

Health Sciences courses have unique course materials that require a distinct cost schedule. See below for information about Health Sciences course materials.

Students are automatically enrolled in this program. To opt-out, email Please include:

  • Student ID number
  • The semester for which you wish to opt out
  • The courses for which you have registered

You will be notified when your materials are ready for pick up from the bookstore. 

Please note: in most cases the opt-out will apply to all of the courses you are taking in a specific term and cannot be applied on a course-by-course basis, except for Health Sciences.

Health Sciences ACCESS

Health Sciences students will have access to all of their required materials from the first day of class. The course material charge will be included on your bill, but carries a different cost structure. Please see the chart below for specific course information.

Course Code Course Name Cost Type of Material
CTP-120-650 Sectional Anatomy & Pathology $109.99 purchased in CTP 110
CTP-150-100 CT Clinical Education $0.00 purchased in CTP 110
DHY-101-100 Pre-Clinical Dental Health $930.64 physical
DHY-110-100 Dental Head & Neck Anatomy $182.90 physical 
DHY-120-100 Dental Radiology $181.90 physical 
DHY-130-100 Medical & Dental Emergencies $79.95 physical 
DHY-201-100 Clinical Services II $0.00 purchased in DHY 101
DHY-210-100 Periodontology II $0.00 purchased in DHY 101
DHY-220-100 Oral Pathology $109.00 physical 
DHY-241-100 Supportive Therapies $78.99 physical 
DMS-101-100 Introduction to Sonography $76.99 physical 
DMS-102-100 Cross Sectional Anatomy $678.87 physical
DMS-107-100 Ultrasound Abdomen $374.00 physical 
DMS-108-100 Ultrasound Abdomen Lab $0.00 purchased in DMS 102
DMS-218-100 Ultrasound Vascular $129.00 physical 
DMS-219-100 Ultrasound Vascular Lab $0.00 purchased in DMS 102
DMS-219-101 Ultrasound Vascular Lab $0.00 purchased in DMS 102
DMS-230-100 Clinical Practicum II $0.00 purchased in DMS 102
EMS-101-170 Basic Emergency Medical Tech $348.71 physical 
EMS-102-100 Psychomotor Skill / EMT Cert $0.00 purchased in EMS 101
HIM-101-170 Intro to the Med. Office $72.00 access code and digital book
HIM-110-170 Human Body in Health & Disease $72.00 access code and digital book
HIT-102-170 Intro Health Info Technology $205.25 physical 
HIT-103-170 Legal Aspects of Health Info $99.95 physical 
HIT-105-650 Medical Terminology $72.00 access code and digital book
HIT-115-170 Pathophysiology $119.00 physical
HIT-117-170 Pharmacology $126.25 physical 
HIT-205-170 HCPCS Coding (CPT-4) $0.00 purchased in HIT 118
HIT-209-170 ICD-10-CM Coding $0.00 purchased in HIT 118
HIT-211-170 Reimbursement Methodologies $111.00 physical 
HIT-212-170 Prof Practice Experience $90.25 physical 
HIT-238-500 Apps in Acute Care Coding $0.00 purchased already
HWP-101-100 Intro to Hlth & Wellness Promo $67.95 physical 
HWP-110-100 Intro to Exercise Science $92.99 physical 
MCR-101-170 Cancer Registry Struct. & Mgt $280.75 physical 
MCR-104-170 Cancer Registry Operations $0.00 purchased in MCR 101
MCR-211-170 Multiple Prim & Hematopoietics $0.00 purchased in MCR 101
MCR-220-100 Cancer Registry Clinical I $0.00 purchased in MCR 101
MCR-221-100 Cancer Registry Clinical II $0.00 purchased in MCR 101
MRP -110   Intro to MRI  $59.99 physical
MRP-150-100 MRI Clinical Education $0.00 purchased in MRP 
NUR-118-100 Intro to Prof Nursing LPN $1,228.94 physical 
NUR-130-100 Fundamentals of Nursing $1,228.94 physical
NUR-140-100 Nurse Care Childbearing Family $237.25 physical
NUR-141-100 Nurse Care Childbrng Fam. Clinc $0.00 purchased in NUR 140
NUR-145-100 Nurse Care Children & Families $0.00 purchased in NUR 140
NUR-145-500 Nurse Care Children & Families $0.00 purchased in NUR 140
NUR-146-100 Nurse Care Child./Fam. Clinic $0.00 purchased in NUR 140
NUR-216-100 Management & Professional Iss $145.75 physical 
NUR-220-100 Nutrition in Nurs. & Hlthcare $42.99 digital book
NUR-240-100 Nurse Care Pnts w/MH Alter $158.50 physical
NUR-245-100 Nurs Pnts w/Med Surg Hlth Alt $223.25 physical
NUR-246-100 Nr Pnts Md Srg Hlth Alt Clnc $0.00 purchased in NUR 245
NUR-250-100 Adv Concepts of Nurs Care $595.46 physical 
NUR-251-100 Adv Cncpts of Nurs Care Clinc $0.00 purchased in NUR 250
NUR-301-170 Comp. Health Assessment $227.36 physical 
NUR-302-170 Pathophysiology $158.40 physical
NUR-303-100 Pharmacology for Nursing $233.75 physical
PAR-111-700 Prin. of Paramedic Sci. I $1,061.95 physical 
PAR-112-100 Paramed Skill & Scenario Lab I $0.00 purchased in PAR 110
PAR-113-100 Paramedic Clinical Practice I $0.00 purchased in PAR 110
RAD-113-100 Intro to Radiologic Science $590.35 physical
RAD-117-100 Ptnt Care in Radiologic Scien $0.00 purchased in RAD 113
RAD-140-100 Radiography Clin Procedure I $322.00 physical 
RAD-142-100 Clin Prac & Img Eval I $52.95 physical 
RAD-235-100 Radiographic Imaging Equipment $0.00 purchased in RAD 113
RAD-240-100 Radiography Clin Procd IV $0.00  
RAD-242-100 Clin Prac & Image Eval IV $0.00