Obtain a second associate degree that allows students to fulfill missing requirements to successfully transfer into an RCBC 3+1 Program.

Program Requirements

Students who already have an associate degree and are committed to the RCBC 3+1 Program, but do not meet the 90 unique credit requirement may enroll in this program to fulfill any missing academic requirements and still maintain financial aid eligibility.

Due to the complex nature of this degree program, students are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to enrolling in this program. 

General Education Courses*   Credits
  Written and Oral Communications 6
  Mathematics 3-4
  Natural Science 7-8
  Social Science 6
  Arts and Humanities 3
  History 3
  Diversity 3
  Total 31-33
Program Requirements    
Select a total of 27-29 credits which have not been used towards another degree at the institution and are based upon knowledge of available transfer program. For a recommended list of courses for specific programs, click here.
  Total 27-29

*Credits earned previously in the first associate degree.