Barons Forever.

As a graduate of RCBC, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association. Membership is not limited to graduates but to all individuals who have taken 15 credits or more for free! That’s right, plus no membership fees are required.

The Rowan College at Burlington County Alumni Association was incorporated in 1977 as a non-profit corporation governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey.  It was formed for the exclusively charitable and educational purposes.  This organization supports the goals and objectives of Rowan College at Burlington County, its alumni and its students.

Alumni Benefits and Resources

Being a RCBC alumni has its perks!  Access these links to learn more about the various benefits and services that come with your alumni status:

Career Services: Need help looking for a job, sprucing up your resume, or practicing your interview skills? RCBC's Career Services is here to help all RCBC alumni!

Transcript Request: Learn how to get your official RCBC transcript.

Library: Once you have graduated RCBC, you are still eligible to use our on-campus libraries in Mt. Laurel and Pemberton. You will just need to get an Alumni ID card at Public Safety first, and then you can go to the library to check out books, use the computers, and more.

Alumni Hall of Fame
1980 Renee L. Borstad, Class of 1977
  Robert H. Yancey, Class of 1973
1981 William C. Sullivan, Class of 1973
  Robert Furlong, Class of 1971
  Marjorie Hawker, Class of 1976
1983 Godfrey W. Harper, III, Esq., Class of 1975
1984 Martha Henderson, Class of 1979
  Timothy Montagano, Class of 1971
  John Wolff, Class of 1973
1985 Sharon Southard, Class of 1973
1987 Violet E. Emig, Class of 1978
  Dr. A. Richard Polino, Class of 1971
  Edna Holland, Class of 1975
1988 Charles T. Fillinger, III, Esq., Class of 1975
  Nancy Reyes, Class of 1975
1989 Donald Banks, Class of 1978
1991 Edmund Delussey, Class of 1974
  Gary L. Daniels, Esq., Class of 1978
1992 Violet Foster, Class of 1975
  Vera K. Lawrence, Class of 1980
1993 Donald Scott Blake, Class of 1972
1994 Evelyn Wolynies, Class of 1990
1995 Joseph Augustyn, Class of 1971
1996 Bishop M. Johnson, Class of 1973
  Bryon K. Marshall, Class of 1988
  Dorothy Pursley, Class of 1987
1997 Phillip E. Haines, Esq., class of 1974
1998 Deborah Cheeseman, Class of 1991
1999 Kathleen Garcia, Class of 1991
2000 Dr. Frank Cutitta, Class of 1978
  David Nimmer, Class of 1991
2001 Carrie Taylor, Class of 1977
  Roland Phifer, Class of 1973
2002 Mel Baiada, Class of 2002
  David G. Haas, Class of 1993
  James T. Grant, Class of 1977
  Frederick Maute, MD, Class of 1973
  Pamela Damush Gaff, Class of 1974
  Kevin P. York, Class of 1982
2003 James Gordon, Jr., Class of 1994
2005 Bryan Freeman, Jr., Class of 1998
  Dr. Guy Stehly, Class of 1973
2006 Louvenia Harmon, Class of 1976
2007 Martin J. Lawry, III
  Barry R. Palatnik, Class of 1982
2008 James Pereda, Class of 1981
  Matt Powell, Class of 1996
  James Schorsch, Jr., Class of 1975
  Laura Vancho, Class of 1988
2009 Hector Gonzalez, Class of 1979
  Linda Phifer, Class of 1971
2010 Annemarie Emmons, Esq., Class of 1990
  Barry Williams, Class of 1980
2011 Susan Gennett-Dobisch, Class of 2004
  Mary Jenkins, Class of 2008
  Robert Halgas, Class of 1975
  Michele Phillips, Class of 1999
  Norma Trueblood, Class of 2004
2012 Gina T. Amato, Class of 2000 
  Dr. Kris Dixon, Class of 1975
  Ret. Col. Dennis Devery, Class of 1984
2013 George Gravenstine, Class of 1984

There were no inductees in 1982, 1986, and 1990 or 2004

How to Nominate Someone into the RCBC Alumni Hall of Fame

The Alumni Hall of Fame honors graduates for their outstanding career and community service accomplishments. Inductees are recommended by a subcommittee of the Alumni Board, based on nominations from the general membership of the Association. To date, several dozen alumni have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Alumni Association seeks nominations annually for its prestigious Hall of Fame. To date, more than three dozen graduates of RCBC have been inducted. They appear in the Virtual Hall of Fame here on this web site. We are proud to honor those who demonstrate achievement as described below.

The nominee must:

  1. Have completed 15 credits.
  2. Have achieved significant success in his/her career field.
  3. Have contributed significantly, and in a continuing manner, to the public good via community service or ongoing volunteer service to the college. Examples include leadership positions with non-profit organizations and volunteer activities with schools or religious organizations, though such service can take many forms.
Alumni Funded Scholarship

Rowan College at Burlington County Alumni Association scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement, exceptional service to the community and/or significant extracurricular participation at the high school level. These scholarships are funded by Alumni of Rowan College at Burlington County through donations, fundraising, and contributions from companies that match gifts.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please click here for more information.

For more information, please contact the RCBC Foundation.

Support Future Barons

Please consider supporting future RCBC Barons through a charitable donation to the RCBC Foundation.

The RCBC Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 that raises funds to support student scholarships, college programs that enrich the campus experience, and facilities and equipment to facilitate learning.