Serve others in a variety of fields using American Sign Language to communicate, such as education, criminal justice and social services. Graduates of this program will be proficient in all aspects of ASL, demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of American Deaf Culture, demonstrate knowledge of prevalent models of deafness and more! 

Program Requirements

While RCBC offers Deaf Studies and several American Sign Language courses, we no longer offer an Interpreter Education program. Students seeking this degree can consult the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf at

General Education Courses Credits
  Written and Oral Communications 6
  Mathematics (MTH 113 recommended) 3
  Natural Science (BIO 103/104 recommended) 7-8
  Social Science (PSY 101 and SOC 101 recommended) 6
  Arts and Humanities (THR 101 recommended) 3
  History 3
  Diversity 3
  Total  31-32
Program Courses  Credits
ASL 101 Elementary American Sign Language I 3
ASL 103 American Deaf Culture 3
ASL 102 Elementary American Sign Language II 3
ASL 104 Fingerspelling 3
ASL 201 Intermediate American Sign Language I 3
ASL 202 Intermediate American Sign Language II 3
  Total Program Credits  18
  SPE 101, SPE 102, ENG 252 recommended 10-11
  Total Credits Required for Degree 60

Selection of electives should be based upon knowledge of prospective major of the receiving college and of the acceptability of transfer to that receiving college.