Center for Academic Excellence-Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) Program of Study

Rowan College at Burlington County offers an associate of applied science in Cybersecurity (AAS.IAC) and is considered a Center for Academic Excellence-Cyber Defense Program of Study. 

Students in this program prepare for a career in cyber/information security, computer security, network security, information technology criminal investigation or transfer to a four-year institution. Upon completion of this program, students will be technically competent, able to communicate effectively and demonstrate professionalism. 

Institutions that receive a CAE-C designation have met the rigorous requirements set forth by the sponsor of the program, the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA awards CAE-C designations to institutions that commit to producing cybersecurity professionals that will reduce vulnerabilities in our national infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Major Courses

The following major courses are offers in the RCBC Cybersecurity program of study.

  • CIS 138 Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CIS 150 Networking Fundamentals
  • CIS 165 Networks and Systems Administration
  • CIS 200 Fundamentals of Network Security
  • CIS 207 Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • CIS 215 Penetration Testing Fundamentals
  • CIS 208 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CIS 218 Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
Security Resources and Awareness

Cybersecurity Jobs Resources

Cybersecurity Training Courses

Advisory Board Information
CAE Point of Contact

Paul Warner
Program Coordinator
(856) 222-9311, ext. 2750

Program Faculty

Paul Warner, Chair
Computer Technology Programs Program Coordinator

Christopher Simber
Program Coordinator
Computer Information Systems and Computer Science

Nabeel Baig
Program Coordinator
Computer Management Information Systems


Timothy Scott Koger Jr.
RCBC 3+1 cybersecurity student secures dream job prior to graduating

With three degrees, two job offers and a Top Secret security clearance under his belt, it’s safe to say that Timothy Scott Koger Jr.’s Rowan College at Burlington County education has paid off in spades. He's prepared to enter a fulfilling career as a System Engineer in the cybersecurity department at Gnostech Headquarters, a Top Secret Department of Defense facility.