Check out our entertainment technology students in the field.

Alex Cook
Alex Cook

Entertainment Technologies: Video & Digital Media Production
Food Bank of South Jersey, Pennsauken, NJ

I work as a video editor for the Food Bank of South Jersey. In addition to this, I also assist in filming interviews, B-Roll, and carrying equipment. I became interested in this career path through YouTube, where I wanted to make content to entertain others. I use my time at work to hone my skills in editing in hopes I can entertain others on a global scale through media, and I have been learning real-world applications for the displays of mastery over media, which drew me into this field in the first place.

Trevor Miceli
Trevor Miceli

Flying W Airport, Lumberton, NJ

At the Flying W Airport, I have helped them gain more attention on social media. I made them a new Instagram account, and I also posted things on their Facebook page. In addition, I made a YouTube channel for them so that I could reach out to as many people as possible and gain popularity for the airport. There is a flight school at this airport, so I help them promote their company via promotional videos on social media. The neighboring airport, South Jersey Regional Airport, is managed by the same person as the Flying W, so I have been creating videos for their flight school. I have met so many great people at these airports, and I am happy to help these places be seen!

Matthew on a digital soundboard
Matthew Abreu

418 Music Group/ AudioMAxx in Blackwood, New Jersey 

At 418 music group I help around the studio with helping to get newly released tracks on Spotify playlists, but what I mainly do is work with the one and only Steve 'Mr. Mig" Migilore, producing and recording vocal tracks for incoming artists that work at the studio! I love this job; it’s a great way to meet new people and learn new skills from people who have been mixing and creating music for years. I also learn something new which helps me with my music production at home!

John selfie at a lake
John DeBenidictis

Entertainment Technologies: Sound & Recording Engineering

Starlite Audio Video and Lighting Solutions, Moorestown, NJ

At Starlite, I assist in the rental warehouse with prepping, shipping and returning rental orders.  I primarily work within the video and lighting departments where I get the opportunity to work on and with a wide variety of high-end lighting and mixing consoles.  Testing and maintaining Starlite’s extensive inventory of audio gear and lighting fixtures allows me to see different types of technology related to the entertainment field.  I also test and maintain rigging and video equipment. At Starlite, I put into practice much of what I have learned from my professors at RCBC. Through this internship, I have learned so much valuable information about all aspects of productions, which has widened my horizon of interest within the entertainment industry.

Kyle filming
Kyle Foor

Acting House Studios, Medford, NJ

I was hired by Acting House Studios as a part of their production team for their brand-new TV show, The Acting House Show. AHS is a small business, so I take on a lot of different roles. The bulk of my work involves editing, but I also do cinematography, equipment management and organization. I’ve even had some opportunities to assist with directing. Since I started working there, I have seen considerable growth in my technological skills, as well as

learned how to function in a truly professional environment. I’m constantly exposed to new challenges and ideas that push me to keep expanding my skill set and growing as a professional.

I’ve found this job to be an incredibly rewarding experience. For me, it feels like I’ve finally taken my first step into the TV and film industry.

Pierre working on video editing
Pierre Raymond

RVN TV - Cherry Hill, NJ

My journey at RVN TV is what I would call a priceless experience. As an intern, my responsibilities went beyond my expectations as every day I learned new skills needed to succeed in the Media and Entertainment industry. Besides setting up Wirecast in the morning and recording/live-streaming shows throughout the day (a.k.a. running the board). I also assisted with setting up different sets for the shows, setting up the cameras (as well as ensuring their proper angles), setting up lights and microphones, editing show content, uploading shows to UStream/GDrive and the company website, etc. As my passion in this field continues to grow, my confidence to succeed has never been brighter thanks to the exceptional privilege of being part of the production team at RVN TV.

Stefan working at WIFI 1460 AM
Stefan Ukrainsky

Entertainment Technologies: Sound & Recording Engineering
WIFI 1460am, Burlington, NJ & RadioVision Network, Mt. Laurel, NJ
I produced, scripted and hosted two sports information shows. One is a radio show broadcast over the air in Burlington County, New Jersey, and the other is a videocast program on the website RadioVision Network. My favorite class was Radio Production with Professor Jason Ruch. This class helped me organize my thoughts and create shows for my internship. It made me focus on what is needed to produce a radio show. Professor Ruch made this an easy learning experience by having us learn through hands-on activities.

Brandon's black and white headshot
Brandon Tomei

Entertainment Technologies: Sound & Recording Engineering
Unable Music Group, Cherry Hill NJ
At Unable, I helped out with lots off record-label projects. This included promotion, marketing, and general A&R assistance. I worked with bands and artists that came into the studio, as well as the ones that were on the label. Most of my work was done at home where I would research tons of different information to include in promotional campaigns. Also, I would sit in on important meetings with bands in which we discussed album dates, names, general plans and more. This then lead to me acquiring a publishing deal with Unable, and they put it up online for a digital release. This allowed me to hone my skills of audio recording/engineering and music making. This was a great experience for me and I learned how to perfect my craft and what it takes to create a quality release.

Josh at the sound studio
Josh Rubeo

Entertainment Technologies: Sound & Recording Engineering
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Hainesport, NJ
At St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, I assist with all of the masses on Sunday. I help set up the wireless microphone system they have in place and during the mass I help with levels and equalization. Aside from miking the speakers, I help adjust levels and set up microphones for the church band. RCBC's entertainment technology program definitely helped me lay a foundation for my field. It helped with the technical side of things. The professors were also a major help. They were always knowledgeable about any questions I had and helped provide insight into the broad scope of my career field.

Brett at RVN TV
Brett O’Donnell

RVN TV Network, Cherry Hill, NJ
At RVN TV, I worked as a production assistant, helping produce a myriad of talk shows on an online television network. As a production assistant, I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks, from miking guests and setting up cameras to running the board and preparing sets for shows and events. I’ve always enjoyed television and have always wanted to work in it, and the wonderful team at RVN helped me realize this as they helped me sharpen my skills. Working at RVN was an enjoyable experience and was made even better with the people I had the pleasure of working with. There was never a dull moment as I was always working on the next exciting show or talking to one of the many charmingly eccentric guests who always made an impression.

Talia at the NBC studio
Talia Keebler

NBC Sports Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
I am an intern at NBC Sports Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center. My role as a production assistant is very important. I help production by logging the Philadelphia sports games such as the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies, etc. It's essential that I log the important plays of the game and scoring moments so production can pinpoint them out and add those clips to their show. I have also done some work with the camera and went into the locker room to interview players post game to get good shots for production. I am incredibly lucky and blessed for this experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Laura Jaskot
Laura Jaskot

Middletown Free Library, Media, PA

I interned with the Middletown Free Library in Media (Delaware County), PA.  One of my main responsibilities is creating videos they can use on their social media sites to promote the library during the upcoming Delco Gives Day.  This is the first year the county has created this day dedicated to giving locally to non-profits, and the library wanted to have a strong media presence.  My internship has consisted of visiting the library many times and videoing the various activities they have, then editing those videos and providing them to the library.  The staff reviews and provides feedback, and I make adjustments if necessary.  Another very interesting aspect of Delco Gives Day is the opportunity to create a Public Service Announcement video.  Each participating non-profit organization can create and submit a 30-second PSA to PHL-17.  PHL-17 will choose the ten best and then play them on-air beginning on April 15th, with viewers voting for their favorite. 

The winning video organization will be interviewed on-air.  In creating this video, we went through the same process as with the other videos in that I created several options, got feedback from the staff and the library board of directors, updated the video, and then finally submitted the finished product.  It was an interesting process as there were specific instructions that needed to be followed, and my experience in both ETV-101 and ETV-102 proved invaluable in this activity.  Finally, I will make videos for the library to promote some of their upcoming fundraising activities that are not associated with Delco Gives Day.  I’ve enjoyed my time with the library so far, and I’ve learned a lot about working with people.

Max Morgan

Zimm Productions, Philadelphia, Pa
As an intern at Zimm Productions, I have been involved in all aspects of a small production company. The owner, John Zimmerman has nearly 20 years’ experience in film making, and working with him at various events has been so valuable to me. I shot political events, community and safety events, along with editing and learning to create the film narrative to show the story that clients want to tell. Most importantly, John has helped me to look for the emotion, the magic and the glitter in every story to make it special. Furthermore, I realize that this short time at Zimm's will make a difference in my career.

Walter  working on a travel mixer
Walter Klaus

DFX - West Berlin, NJ

My work as the lead audio engineer at DFX has certainly kept me busy! We are a full-service production company, meaning that we handle shows of all varieties and sizes. I have had the opportunity to work on everything from placing a small speaker in a hotel conference room to mixing a national broadcast on CNBC. Working here at DFX has been a great experience and

has exposed me to subfields in audio I had never before considered as a full-time career.

Salvatore at a video editing station
Salvatore Negro

The Acting House Show, Medford, NJ
At The Acting House Show studio, I am an editor, cameraman and sound engineer. A typical day at this studio involves looking back over footage and creating different content as needed. Our crew has been recording and editing content for their new TV show airing in September. This involves hours of recording the scenes with the actors and actresses at the set location then going back to the studio to edit. This hands-on experience has helped me strengthen the multiple skills needed to use while pursuing my career. In this field, it is imperative to be familiar with more than one skill, so I am grateful for RCBC and Professor Mailhiot for giving me the knowledge that led me to this experience.

Riel filming on a tripod
Riel Dioquino

RVN TV Cherry Hill, NJ

At RVN TV, I work as a Production Assistant and Video Editor. In the studio, I help set up cameras, lighting and adjust mics on guests and hosts for different shows that we film throughout the day. I slowly became more of a Video Editor since I thought they needed more help editing shows with mistakes that needed to be edited out in Post-Production. I have some background in video editing, so I was happy to do that. Since then, I started shifting to creating content like intros, commercials and lower thirds for new shows coming up. I am very appreciative that I got the opportunity to come to this internship where I can be very hands-on and learn many new skills in the real-world environment.

Quenton's headshot wearing a camera around his neck
Quenton Hall

Entertainment Technologies: Video & Digital Media Production
New Direction Studios, Willingboro, NJ
At New Direction, I am in charge of capturing artists at work. From studio sessions to live performances, I get to watch creativity come to life from the front row. What I love most about working with New Direction is the connections that I make with amazing people. Every person I meet has a voice that they want to share with the world and they all take different paths to do so. It’s a wonderful experience and I'm constantly learning from individuals from many walks of life.

AnnaRose taking a photo
AnnaRose Rubright

Entertainment Technologies: Video & Digital Media Production
Shawnee High School, Medford, NJ
At Shawnee High School, I assist the students in making, editing and developing their film clips. I hold props, check out equipment and sometimes, I'm even in their clips. In addition to working with the students, I am able to make blogs and do my own filming and editing. I have made a video clip and edited some videos for World Down Syndrome Day. I write and film a blog daily and I've worked on other videos of my own during down time. I was also able to put film and pictures together from a conference I did in Washington and submit the videos and pictures to the national organization holding the conference. It has been great doing an internship at Shawnee High School and working with the TV Tech Department.

Sarah's headshot
Sarah Saady

Entertainment Technologies: Video & Digital Media Production
Ashe Productions Cinematography and Video Artistry, Medford, NJ
I work as an editor for Ashe Productions. I edit weddings and special events, and assist on various video shoots. I've always loved the entertainment business and the program here is a great way to dip into the business without taking a nose dive off a cliff with sharks and pointy rocks at the bottom. It certainly opens up certain opportunities I didn't have before. Our program director, Professor Mailhiot is also extremely helpful by answering any questions you might have, going above and beyond to make sure you succeed.

Garrett filming with a large camera on a tripod
Garrett Ballinger

Local Channel 19 Northern TV, Columbus, NJ
I started by assisting students in the Video Production Courses offered at Northern Burlington High School. Once the school year concluded, we held a video camp for incoming middle schoolers to introduce them to one of the applied technology courses available at Northern. Since then, I have been an integral part in the shooting and editing of several school-sponsored events as well as original projects written by those within Northern's Video Program.

Stephen using a camera
Stephen Scian

The Sports Fan Base Network
At The Sports Fan Base Network, otherwise known as SFBN, I assist in different roles while covering sports broadcasts. During a typical day on the job, I can be seen working one of the cameras used for our live stream. We use up to three cameras during a typical broadcast, a fan camera, a tertiary camera and also the wide or main camera. When I am off camera, I am shadowing the director of the broadcast, while also watching the play by play, color commentator and producer. I have always had the desire to work in a sports-related profession and this is a perfect opportunity. The opportunity to be hands on with the camera and to be in direct communication with the director has taught me more than I could have imagined. Secondly, being able to watch the people around me in the jobs they are performing just adds to the learning experience.

CJ Hummel

Various Live Venues/BBA Studio - Atco, NJ
I handle all aspects of routing and operating live sound productions for concerts with Bob Bowling Audio, LLC. Additional responsibilities in the BBA studio include conducting recording operations, designing the acoustic environment and accommodating each artist's individual tastes and preferences. I adapt to a wide variety of vocal and instrumental styles at local live music hot spots. Each venue has unique acoustic environments that require an advanced level of experience and skill to navigate. It is a challenging yet rewarding experience. I believe this will enhance my skill set as I continue my education and eventually enter the workforce. 

Ryan McAulife

Kingsway Church, Cherry Hill, NJ

At Kingsway, I have been able to serve as a Production Assistant, leading the In-room experience. During the week, I set the stage for the upcoming Sunday, building random things that help make things more efficient and participate in weekly meetings that help make Sunday great. On different Sundays, I have many different responsibilities that I can be seen doing, from sound to camera to lighting to pro presenter, and every Sunday, no matter what I'm on, I need to make sure that everything that happens in the room runs smoothly. Being able to do all these different things has shown me what I want to do in the future.

Matthew working on a mixer
Matthew Carnuccio

Gradwell House, Haddon Heights, NJ

At the Gradwell House, I have been sitting in on recording and mixing sessions, cleaning up the studio and helping them run live shows. It has been a blast being with them. Everyone is super relaxed and very knowledgeable and nice. This internship has been very beneficial for me. This experience has made me more excited to pursue this as my career. RCBC has given me a very clear picture of what this field will look like to work as a full time job, which has made me very prepared, giving me realistic expectations of what working at a studio would be like.

Joseph at a digital sound board
Joseph Gangemi

0x1 Sound Studios ,Cherry Hill, NJ

I was incredibly lucky to have an opportunity to intern at 0x1 Sound Studios, the base of operations for audio engineer and RCBC professor Jason Ruch. At 0x1, Jason works on a variety of audio categories — music, TV, film and podcasts, to name a few. At 0x1, I am learning the audio production process from top to bottom, and my time spent there included a lot of hands-on experience with the digital mixing board, as well as various pieces of professional-grade external hardware. A big part of my internship was helping Jason as he worked on foley sound design for a cartoon. For each and every episode, we would take real-world objects and manipulate them in a sound-treated booth, mimicking the actions onscreen to achieve practical sound effects. From footsteps to falling trees, just about every action onscreen requires foley accompaniment. We use an array of materials ranging from gentle cloth to harsh and loud metal objects. And there’s a lot more to my internship than just foley; Jason works with talented musicians all the time and helps to put their musical vision to record.

From here, I plan to continue developing my skills and become a well-rounded audio engineer in my own right. I would love to open a business in which I can complete any audio project that comes through the door.

Emily at a sound board
Emily McCausland

St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church
I am interning at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Cherry Hill, NJ. I am responsible for running the soundboard every other Sunday at the church during the services. When I am not running the sound, I help run the PowerPoint presentation that the Pastor has set up to run throughout the service. During the week, I help out in the office with anything that the Office Administrator needs done that day, whether it be making copies or working on the church’s website. Working here at the church has been an amazing experience for me and has taught me so much more about what I actually want to pursue in the future.

Connor in a sound studio
Connor Priest

Gradwell House Recording, Haddon Heights, NJ
I'm currently an Intern at Gradwell House Recording studio. Weekly maintenance involves keeping our rehearsal rooms in check by providing the right number of mics, cables, drum stands, hardware, guitar and bass amps for each room. Most days at the studio can vary; some days I sit in on mixing/mastering sessions, receiving insight on which techniques, analog gear and plug-ins are utilized, and what role they play in what will soon be the finished product.  Other days I will help out with recording sessions, routing cables, setting up mics and being at hand for any other needs the engineers require. Session work is probably my favorite, being that it's very hands on, while also being able to watch a record come together. I'm extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work at one of my favorite local studios, while working/learning under engineers with an immense passion for music. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Chris working on his laptop
Chris Niedermayer

Entertainment Technologies: Video & Digital Media Production
O League - Burlington City, NJ
I work in the communications department where I help create the media and the face for the O League. I shoot and edit the videos to showcase what we do here. I also help set up and run the social media presence for the O League. At RCBC, I enjoyed the TV studio course because it really put you in the atmosphere and the entertainment law course because it teaches you the legality of your work and how to protect yourself.

Asher at Bluelight Digital Sound
Asher Gardner

Entertainment Technologies: Video & Digital Media Production
Bluelight Digital Sound - Mt. Holly, NJ   
I am teaching photography, videography, and graphic design to children. These children are part of an organization for at-risk youth that provides them an opportunity to experience arts. When I’m not working with the children, I film videos during live band sessions and  film and photograph events at the studio for Bluelight’s social media page. I have also designed a new logo for the studio to use on business cards and T-shirts.

Bryce at Riverview Studios
Bryce Tripodi

Riverview Studios, Bordentown NJ
At Riverview Studios, a full service media production company, my job is to lend a helping hand in whatever capacity I am needed in the studio. My jobs range from digitizing tapes for customers and the studio, to helping a customer use the studio for a video shoot. This internship has really been a great experience for me, because I learned a lot about the equipment and was able to edit a few projects. One of my favorite events was the Annual Guardian Dinner Dance. I got to help set up the equipment as well as work the camera, which to me seemed pretty interesting. This job has really enhanced my fondness for this industry and has given me some experience that will definitely be helpful in the future. My favorite class with Professor Mailhiot was ETV 102, because it it combines your teamwork skills as well as your filming and editing skills, which really helped me to find an internship.

Aidan at a sound board
Aidan Smith

Fellowship Alliance Chapel-Medford, NJ
At Fellowship Alliance Chapel, I have been able to enjoy helping out with the AV team. A typical week includes setting the stage for a various arrangement of instruments ranging from a flute to electric guitar, routing wires, and mixing the band from the front-of-house soundboard. It has been an unbelievable learning experience getting to work with different AV team members and musicians each week. This live sound experience at the church paired with what I have learned from RCBC's Sound Recording & Engineering program has set the stage for me to pursue my dream.

Samantha LaFlamme


As a production assistant for RVNTV network, I fill a number of roles, providing me with development in many different skills. I mostly handle editing, social media management, and running their wirecast system during our talk show tapings. RVN has given me the opportunity to work both in a studio setting and on location, while getting to meet so many different people every day. I’m always learning something new, especially about editing, from creating graphics and ads for social media. I have gained so many valuable lessons while working for RVN and am looking forward to putting them to good use as my career in film and television production continues.