Vaulted Cuisine: British Pub Menu
Wednesday, November 29 6 pm Culinary Arts Center
Mount Holly Campus

Check out what's being served at the Vaulted Cuisine student-run restaurant!

Two options: 
Chef’s Table - In-kitchen counter-height tables allow you to experience fine dining from an exclusive point of view.

For $40 per person, this Special “Eatertainment” will give up close observations as Chef Keefe and his students prepare your delectable meal. Tables and time are limited to 2 to 4 guests, and 6 pm reservations are available.

For $25 per person, the students will provide you with a generous three-course gourmet meal. It includes a fine dining experience in a relaxing atmosphere at the Vaulted Cuisine. 

Please join us this semester by making reservations as soon as possible. 

Reservations required - Please note reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance; check back for dates later in the term.