Learn the nutritional requirements that promote health and wellness, explore the relationship between exercise science and health and take the essential first step in pursuing higher education in this field. 

Program Overview

Health Sciences jobs are among the fastest growing in the country. The projected growth between 2014 and 2024 is 21 percent for athletic trainers and 13 percent for health educators. These careers also carry very competitive salaries. Median pay is $44,670 for athletic trainers, $47,010 for exercise physiologists and $43,840 for health educators and community health workers.

This program provides students with an introduction to subjects that promote health and wellness and explores the relationship of exercise science and health. Included are instruction in the basic science courses that prepare students to enter this growing and rewarding field. Graduates will be prepared to transfer to an exercise science program a four-year college, such as Rowan University.

Program Requirements
General Education Courses Credits
  Written Communications  6
  Mathematics (MTH 107 or MTH 112 or MTH 130) 3-4
  Natural Science (BIO 103/104 and CHE 107/108 or CHE 115/116) 8
  Social Science (PSY 101, SOC 101) 6
  Arts and Humanities 3
  History 3
  Diversity 3
  TOTAL 32-33
Program Courses  
Select four credits from:    
BIO 110/111 or BIO 208/209 Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology/Lab or Human Anatomy & Physiology/Lab 4
Select four credits from:    
BIO 114/115 or BIO 212/213 Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab or Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab 4
HWP 101 Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness 3
HWP 110 Introduction to Exercise Science 3
NUR 220 Nutrition in Nursing and Health Care 3
SPE 102 Public Speaking 3
  TOTAL 20
Electives (recommended)
CIS 161 Computer Applications 3
HUS 207 Addiction Dynamics and Interventions 3
PSY 203 Human Sexuality 3
PSY 257 Psychology of Adjument 3
  TOTAL 7-8
Program Goals

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship among exercise science, health promotion, and wellness
  2. Recognize the impact of unhealthy behavior on individual health and wellness
  3. Exhibit oral and written communication skills necessary to interact with other health care professionals and consumers
  4. Communicate the fundamentals of nutrition and its effects on physical performance and health
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