This online handbook provides an overview of services, resources, policies and procedures that are important to your student experience.  Please review and contact departments with your questions.  We are here to support your goals and provide services that create an engaging, positive experience - from orientation to commencement!

About RCBC

RCBC is committed to supporting your educational goals and success. Use these links to hear from our President and learn about RCBC’s mission, locations and supportive faculty and staff.

Message from the President

RCBC Mission and Goals

Campus Locations

Public Safety

Faculty and Staff Contact Information


Use these resources to research academic programs, search class offerings, learn about academic program options and note important dates related to your educational goals.

RCBC Course Offerings

Academic Calendar

The College Catalog

Online Classes, Blackboard & Distance Education

3+1 Programs with Rowan University

Faculty Contact Information

Graduation Requirements

Academic Support
Support Services for Students

Our RCBC departments support YOU -- from choosing a major to making payment arrangements to graduation and everything in between. Connect with us to make the most of your experience!


Academic Advising

Supporting Your Transfer Plans

Academic Calendar

The Learning Center (Tutoring Services)

Financial Aid

Office of Student Accounts

The RCBC Foundation

The Bookstore

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Additional Supports
These services are available to all students. Click below to learn more!

The Office of Student Support - Academic Accommodations

Counseling Services

Need Help Now

Struggling with Money or Food?

Registering & Payment Arrangements

RCBC is here to support you in planning, selecting, registering and making payment arrangements for your classes. Click below to access information on each option.   

Registering for Classes

Help with What Class to Take Next

Paying for College

Making Payment Arrangements for Classes - Office of Student Accounts

Setting Up a Payment Plan - Office of Student Accounts

Financial Aid

Student Scholarships - The RCBC Foundation

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Cohort- Based
These links are for students in specific cohorts. Click below to see if you may qualify or to connect with the departments.

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)


Military Education and Veterans Services

RCBC Student Life

You belong here - connect with us to find out how to get involved. There are hundreds of opportunities to engage with RCBC.

The Office of Student Life

Student Help Desk

Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Career Services

Graduation Requirements

Code of Conduct and College Policies

There are expectations of all RCBC students - on and off campus. RCBC has a culture of mutual respect between all members of the campus community.  Review these links to understand the policies and procedures related to expectations of student behaviors. 

Student Code of Conduct
Students are expected to be responsible members of the college community, respect their peers and employees at the institution and ​abide by the guidelines set forth in the college's Code of Conduct.

Student Rights and Responsibilities
All students are considered to be adults in the eyes of the college and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Students are ultimately responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of their guests and visitors.

Title IX Procedures & Need Help Now Information
In order to provide a campus environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination, students and staff are encouraged to report any incidents of gender-based misconduct.

faculty with students in a classroom

Students hanging out in the quad.