Learn about the changes in human society over time, gain exposure to the diversity of the human experience, examine the global struggle of all people and evaluate your own heritage. This curriculum prepares students for careers in law, journalism, business, public relations, international relations, archives, museums and historical societies. 

Program Requirements

General Education Courses Credits
  Written and Oral Communications 9
  Mathematics (MTH 107 recommended) 3
  Natural Science 7-8
  Technology 3
  Social Science (POL 101 required) 6
  Arts and Humanities (ART 250 and ART 251 recommended) 9
  History (HIS 101 and HIS 103 required) 6
  Diversity (REL 205 or Foreign Language required) 3
  Total 46-47
Program Courses
HIS 102 United States History 3
HIS 104 Modern European History 3
Select 3 credit hours from the following*
HIS 266 African-American History I 3
HIS 267 African-American History II
HIS 212 The American Civil War & Reconstruction
Select 3 credit hours from the following*
HIS 210 New Jersey History 3
HIS 215 Renaissance and Reformation (1300-1700)
HIS 220 Modern Britain
HIS 230 Islamic Civilization


Electives (recommended)
LIT 211 Masterpieces of World Literature II  
POL 103 Comparative Government and Politics  
POL 215 Constitutional Law  
POL 250 International Politics  
or Any Foreign Language 2-3
Recommended Courses for Elementary/Secondary Education
PSY 250 Educational Psychology  
EDU 112 Historical Foundations of American Education  
  Total Required Credits 60
Program Contact

James Judge
History Program Coordinator
(856) 222-9311, ext. 1346

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