Bashful no more, 2023 President’s Award winner finds the courage within
Thursday, May 11, 2023

As a youngster, Riverside native, and RCBC nursing student, Taylor Fritz recalls the common after-work chatter between her parents, both EMTs at the time, and now, the everyday conversations with her sister center around her job as a patient care technician. It was almost prescribed that she too would enter into a career in healthcare. 

An RCBC nursing student with big plans for her healthcare future, Taylor is a composed and compassionate person. She’s wrapping up her first local clinical experience, working with dementia patients at the Masonic Village in Burlington Township, which provided her first solo patient care experience. It’s another way she finds that she’s growing into her true self. 

It wasn't long ago that Taylor considered herself a timid person. Her friends may tell a different tale, one of a pal who had a lot to offer to any conversation but deep inside she doubted herself, especially when faced with new situations or new people. 

Her self-talk and more importantly, her self-determination gave way to a mantra that she’s developed since starting at RCBC. “I tell myself that you just have to do it. If not now, when will I?” This personal empowerment pushed Taylor to be more open and she encouraged others to take more intellectual risks.

“Once you have a couple of breakthroughs it gets easier. I’m happier now that I’ve broken out of my shell and am involved.” Taylor explained that her network of friends has grown over the past two years. Many of her new friends and confidantes have played a part in helping Taylor discover her own worth.

Taylor also made her mark in the classroom during her time at RCBC. Notably, Dr. Erika Baldt commented about Taylor’s “positive presence in class” last fall as a student in her Masterpieces of World Literature I course. “Taylor’s most notable assignment, though, was her proposal of a text to be added to the World Literature syllabus. It was well-researched, persuasive, and showed high levels of critical thinking.”

A 4.0 student and active participant in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, she’s the current vice president of Leadership. Last summer Taylor gained valuable experience interacting with state-wide chapter representatives at a Middle States Region Conference. She’s also a member of the Student Nurses Association. Taylor helps plan events for graduating nursing students and fundraising events that benefit the club.

Taylor has completed her prerequisite courses and will receive her associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences in May. She is now working toward her associate and bachelor’s degrees in nursing through RCBC’s 3+1 program. 

After graduating from RCBC and Rowan University, Taylor plans to pursue a master’s degree and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to become a nurse practitioner.