Former RCBC student gives back to single mothers in need during pandemic
Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Julian Lorenzo

Few college careers begin as the result of a traumatic accident. For Julian Lorenzo, however, that’s what happened. After experiencing a collapsed lung from a surfing accident and being medically disqualified from joining the military, Lorenzo chose to pursue a different path at Rowan College at Burlington County.  

During the 2015-2016 academic year, he divided his time between the Pemberton and Mount Laurel campuses studying criminal justice.  

“My time at RCBC was the beginning of not only friendships and networking possibilities, but it was also where my excitement for pursuing a higher education ignited,” Lorenzo shared. “RCBC is filled with some of the best and most dedicated professors offered by any institution. I still keep in contact with professors and continue to lean on them for support and guidance.”  

Julian now studies criminal justice, with a minor in psychology, at Rutgers University. This semester, he’s enrolled in an Africana Studies course called “Pan African Movement.” During one of the class’ Zoom sessions, his professor invited Carolina Morati, of Elijah’s Promise, a soup kitchen in New Brunswick, who presented an opportunity to help single mothers in need of food and supplies.  

“I knew I had to do something. My mom and I were able to purchase bulk items and distribute them to several families. It truly is life-changing to see how much diapers or a box of mac and cheese can really change someone’s life. I also spoke to members of my fraternity Lambda Upsilon Lambda, and with their help, we were able to raise over $120 dollars to donate,” Lorenzo said.  

This experience also gave Julian some much-needed perspective. When he found out that both himself and his parents were ineligible for stimulus checks, his immediate reaction was disappointment that he wouldn’t be able to plan a vacation.  

“After realizing how arrogant and privileged I sounded, I knew that energy needed to change. Sometimes we become so consumed within our own lives, we forget to look around and acknowledge those who may need a helping hand,” Lorenzo shared. “EVERYONE has been affected by these uncertain times, and we need to lean on one another.”