Student Spotlight: Jonathan D’Arpino Shares His Story of Studying Criminal Justice
Tuesday, Aug 15, 2023


Jonathan D'Arpino developed an interest in law and public service when he discovered his mother's unappreciated work with the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Her focus was on helping children in need of secure, nourishing and supportive homes. He grew up in Cinnaminson, New Jersey where he attended the local high school before enrolling in Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC).

Initially, he was uncertain about his career path and followed in his sibling's footsteps by taking local trade courses. However, he did not find fulfillment in this field and instead decided to attend RCBC.

He mentioned that RCBC made it affordable for him to attend school and pursue his dreams. He expressed his enthusiasm for the numerous resources we offer and how they have already benefited his career. D'Arpino stated, "I personally love Handshake, I found some really good employment opportunities and it’s good to see what's out there." RCBC offers a variety of resources to students, including Handshake. This platform assists students in finding job and internship opportunities that align with their qualifications and interests.

D’Arpino also noted the exceptional RCBC professors who play a significant role in helping students along their journey. D'Arpino specifically highlights his current Criminal Justice Instructor, Joseph Rizzo, who has assisted him in discovering various career options within his field of study.

D'Arpino is in his junior year and enrolled in the 3+1 Criminal Justice Program. He is eager to attend Rowan University and graduate in 2025. After graduation, he intends to advance his education by attending law school or pursuing a profession in law enforcement.

D’Arpino’s biggest advice to his classmates is, “It’s important to ask for help and explore RCBC's options! Don’t be afraid to try a class that might intrigue your interests."