New RCBC SCEO is taking the reins at the campus cafe
Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023

Since childhood, RCBC student Eric Breazeale has been interested in exploring the world of business and making a difference for those around him. From the yard sales of youth, to a startup non-profit, Breazeale has always had the zeal to “Make Life Better.” 

Additionally, despite the challenges of creating a non-profit organization, the new Saxbys SCEO became certified to one day circle back to his goal of creating a space for funding the education of students in STEM.

His desire to help doesn’t stop there, as Breazeale stresses his hospitable passions in praise of his future staff. While the journey may have started as a way to fulfill an internship for the 3+1 Business Administration program, Breazeale fell in love with the training and preparation process necessary to start the cafe off on the right foot for Spring 2023. “I couldn’t have been happier,” he mentions regarding the training he received with Saxbys, and the opportunity to energize the RCBC community. 

RCBC’s new Saxbys SCEO further extends his passion for helping others as a year-round volunteer youth coach for various sports. Consequently, Breazeale knows what it takes to lead a team with kindness and strength and make meaningful connections with the community. 

Breazeale is prepared to put in the time necessary to Make Life Better not only for his staff, but our entire campus community at RCBC.

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