RCBC 3+1 cybersecurity student secures dream job with Lockheed Martin
Friday, Dec 20, 2019

Hannah Marthaler

Imagine being offered your dream job at the age of 21. That’s exactly what happened for Rowan College at Burlington County 3+1 student Hannah Marthaler when she was offered the position of level I computer systems security analyst (cybersecurity analyst) at Lockheed Martin. 

As a cybersecurity analyst, Marthaler, of Haddon Township, scans internal computers to ensure they’re not vulnerable to security threats, a position of critical importance due to classified information and government contracts stored on company computers. Marthaler proved to be a quick study, as in the span of just four months, she advanced from being an intern to receiving the promise of a full-time position, including a promotion and pay raise, upon the completion of her degree. 

Hannah was connected to Lockheed Martin through her experience as a cybersecurity student at RCBC. As an out-of-county student, she chose RCBC for many reasons, including location, affordability, the modern campus facilities, and the fact that her family had attended. She decided to pursue cybersecurity because it felt right, and she recalled experiencing an epiphany during one of her classes with Professor Paul Warner. 

“Professor Warner mentored and encouraged me throughout my studies here. I gained confidence in my abilities, and he emphasized how much potential I have,” Marthaler shared. 

Hannah dove into her studies and joined the spring 2019 Cyber Ops project team. Together, they created the IRIS tool, a message authentication system hosted on just two servers that were no longer being used by RCBC. IRIS uses blockchain technology to detect malicious activity. The tool was presented at the 2019 HACKADAY Superconference, an event that brings together hardware hackers, builders, engineers and engineering enthusiasts around the world. 

During her free time, Marthaler enjoys traveling, especially going on cruises; she visited Bermuda last year. She also enjoys watching television and movies.