RCBC 3+1 Cybersecurity student secures dream job prior to graduating
Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Timothy Scott Koger Jr.

With three degrees, two job offers and a Top Secret security clearance under his belt, it’s safe to say that Timothy Scott Koger Jr.’s Rowan College at Burlington County education has paid off in spades. It also proves that an initial reluctance to attend college can lead to an ambitious and lucrative career path. Koger, who at first did not choose RCBC, was encouraged to attend by his mother who wanted him to stay local while saving money toward his college education.  

“Who would have thought my mom's worries about me being away would cultivate the best option ever? Starting out at RCBC, I only wanted to skate by and move on, but I soon learned that the college provided so much with regard to knowledge and hands-on experience, even more so than previous jobs I held,” Timothy shared. “Every class and assignment started to make more and more sense after I began working in the field. I can’t you tell how many times I would get a new project at work and the first thing I would say was ‘I did this in class; let me use it as a reference.’ With that snippet in mind, that tells you just how much the program stays current, as well as keeping it timeless, so you can go back and reference the work like I do.”  

Before graduating with his first associate degree in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity, Koger, of Willingboro, earned a technical internship at ASRC Federal Mission Solutions as an Information Technology/Infrastructure Product Management Intern. Being a Department of Defense facility, they introduced him to a plethora of related career paths. 

“I was able to learn so much just as an intern, and during that time, I also decided to complete my second associate degree in Computer Information Systems before transferring to Rowan University the following semester,” Timothy said. “This only fortified in my mind how valuable degrees are, and the professors I had really made an impression on me. Professors Aloysius Nagbe, Christopher Simber and Paul Warner gave me direct knowledge, sound advice and exquisite techniques in every interaction I had with them. They all watched me learn, grow and mature into the man I am today.”

Koger’s experiences paid off, and before earning his bachelor’s degree, he received his first full-time position. He currently works as an IT Support Specialist at Evotec (US) Inc., a biotechnology and pharmaceutical firm. He credits his experiences at RCBC as preparing him for this important work. 

“During my time here, you would not believe how many classes I’ve taken at RCBC that correspond directly to my job, so I found myself using my golden phrase yet again ‘I did this in class; let me use it as a reference.’ So, seeing this all in action only made me more driven and increased my tenacity toward learning, which has brought me to where I am today.” 

As of next month, Koger will graduate summa cum laude with his bachelor’s degree in Computing and Informatics and a minor in Computer Science, with a concentration in Cybersecurity. He’s President of Rowan University’s Cybersecurity Club and was a member of RCBC’s Cybersecurity Club during his time there. He’s also a member of the Region 1 Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. 

Timothy is prepared to tackle a new position this May as System Engineer in the Cybersecurity department at Gnostech Headquarters, a Top Secret Department of Defense facility. In this new position, he will report directly to the vice president of the facility and will cultivate, create and update innovative ideas for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). 

“I 100% consider this a dream job,” Koger said. “I will be very hands-on at my facility, as well as travel to bases to work with other on-site engineers. I cannot wait for the world to see another RCBC student reach great heights.” 

Timothy, a true advocate for learning and pushing himself, enjoys tinkering with his own small projects during his free time. 

“I love to test and play with new tools and features of software or hardware I will use in the field,” Koger said. “Some of my friends see me as a little bit of a workaholic, but learning the latest and greatest and being part of it will always excite me. As for downtime, I love to play games with friends as well as go on adventures with my loved ones. Although I have already been solo, my girlfriend and a few of my friends want to go skydiving this summer, definitely looking forward to that.”

Although Koger asserted that his new role is a dream job, it’s not his only dream. He hopes to eventually become a chief technology or chief information officer of a thriving company working with new-age technology. He would also love to teach and pass on his knowledge to future leaders and innovators in a high school setting. Wherever he lands, he’s sure to find success with the strong foundation and lifelong learning mindset he’s developed over the years.