RCBC Nursing Alum Completes First-Year Residency Program
Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023

Erkan Batti, originally from Turkey, completed his nursing associate degree program at RCBC in 2006. During his time at RCBC, he was actively involved and valued the hands-on approach of the program. When he enrolled, he knew the college's excellent academic reputation and supportive environment.

Various RCBC faculty and staff truly impacted his career, but he mainly spoke highly of Former Instructor Janet Briggs and Assistant Professor Joyce Rittenhouse. 

"This milestone is a testament to the strong foundation they helped me build," he said. "I remain indebted to their invaluable contributions to my professional development."

In return, Rittenhouse remembered his dedication to the medical field, saying, "He was calm and a pleasure to teach. It's no surprise he excelled at the MD level. I'm proud of him."

Batti was inspired to pursue a career in medicine after working alongside dedicated healthcare professionals and witnessing firsthand the positive impact doctors have in caring for their patients. Throughout Batti's medical journey, he encountered numerous challenges, including managing his workload, balancing his studies with his personal life and navigating the emotional complexities of patient care. In addition to the expected hurdles of being a pre-med student, COVID-19 added a new layer of difficulty and stress to his experience.

Two years ago, as Batti walked across the stage during the traditional white coat ceremony, his heart was filled with pride and accomplishment. The white coat, a symbol of his dedication and hard work, was a reminder of his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

He wants to emphasize medical and nursing school differences without discouraging anyone. Medical school requires more self-discipline, longer study hours and a more in-depth knowledge base than nursing school. However, all the late nights and sacrifices will be extremely rewarding. 

Batti states, "Patients used to call me 'Dr.' by mistake, and I would promptly correct them. Now that I am actually a doctor, it's been an incredible experience adjusting to my new role."

Now, in Fort Pierce, he dives into his residency program. He’s eager to learn and grow as a physician, and excited for the challenges and opportunities ahead.