Retired Air Force veteran takes on culinary call of duty at RCBC
Thursday, Mar 10, 2022

Chaunce Foster

Chaunce Foster is the type of person who will only pursue opportunities that he truly believes will help him in the future. Growing up, his father was absent throughout his childhood, and his mother tragically passed when he was just a teenager. At the time, it forced him to make some tough decisions and to steer himself toward the path he truly wanted. 

When he was in the midst of his college search, Chaunce considered geographical convenience, as well as what each college could offer him. He landed at Rowan College at Burlington County and hasn’t looked back since. 

“RCBC has the 3+1 program, and it was an institute where I knew that I would be known by my name and not just a numbered student,” Chaunce said. “My whole experience has been exceptional here. I can say that not every class that I have taken was overly exciting, but I find at least a few golden nuggets in everything I do. The culinary experience has definitely been an exciting journey for me.”

Chaunce, a culinary student, recently participated in the Culinary Arts Center’s Black History Month celebration by hosting a fish and chips cooking demonstration, complete with coleslaw and complementary sauces. He also offers some insights throughout the video on making the most of the ingredients you have and what you need to know in order to be a great chef. 

“This was actually a surprise to me; I had no idea that Chef Desmond Keefe (RCBC’s Culinary Technology Director) was going to do this,” Chaunce recalled. “He definitely knows that I am a team player and that I am here to help in any way that I can. I felt honored to have that opportunity to have that moment. I definitely lead by example and love challenging young men and women to make the impossible possible. I have been blessed to retire from the USAF; I am currently a full-time real estate agent and now enjoying everything that culinary has to offer.”

Chaunce Foster, culinary student, and Desmond Keefe

Chaunce hopes to become a private chef upon his graduation and to even merge this talent with his current career as a real estate agent.

“When my clients buy or sell a home with me, I will cook their first or last meal for them in their home or even in my home,” Chaunce said. “Just to show my appreciation for them putting trust in me.”

Beyond cooking and real estate, Foster loves motivating people and pushing them past the limits of their beliefs. 

“I am currently a Quantum Leap instructor for my brokerage,” Chaunce said. “This program will change lives one by one. Other than trying to lead, I love spending time with family, playing sports and riding motorcycles.

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