As an approved Amazon Career Choice provider, RCBC is your key to the future!

Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program uniquely designed to upskill employees interested in pursuing a future outside of Amazon. RCBC has many options to choose from in a variety of areas, including Healthcare, Information Technology, and Education.

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Amazon Career ChoiceReady to get started with RCBC & Amazon Career Choice?

Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program uniquely designed to upskill employees who are interested in pursuing a future outside of Amazon. Decide which training program is right for you!

Check out program information and attend an information session where you will learn about the occupation, training program and career pathways!

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Choose a program

Any of RCBC’s credit programs (Associate Degrees and Credit Certificates) are eligible for the Amazon Career Choice program.

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How do I apply and request my Amazon Career choice payment?

In order to participate in Amazon Career Choice, the following steps need to be completed:


Choose your program of interest.


Apply for admission to RCBC at



Enroll in courses


Log into to submit a payment request. *


*Note – one the payment request is submitted, RCBC will review the request and your current enrollment to ensure course levels are correct. If the information is approved, then Amazon will pay RCBC directly.

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The RCBC Promise

We are here to support your educational journey.

As an RCBC student, you will instantly have access to our Office of Career Preparation and Experiential Learning. Get the tools you need for professional development and career placement resources. Visit their site at to learn more about how to build a resume and cover letter, prepare for an interview, networking and more!

As a student you will also gain access to Handshake where you can search for jobs, internships, events, workshops and more! Handshake can be accessed at