Turn your home into your own yoga studio as you connect to a weekly yoga practice.

You might be new to yoga, have been away from a regular practice, or have an on-going practice – whatever your background is, this ten week course welcomes all levels. The benefits of yoga are many, such as: increased flexibility, improved strength, increased circulation and an overall feeling of well-being—just to name a few.

Each evening, press pause, put all the activity of the day aside, and take a seat—on a chair or mat—and begin to slow things down to drop into the present moment.

Each class will include a breathing technique, poses ranging from sitting to standing—with at least one flow, as well as poses in supine and prone positions. Modifications are always offered, as well as options to go deeper into a pose, and we will conclude practice with relaxation.

So, even if you don’t know Downward Facing Dog from Mountain Pose—let this be the time to discover a sense of calm that can only come with the practice of yoga.