Curious about human behavior? Start with psychology. Learn about how personality develops and how society and culture influence behavior. Develop your critical thinking skills, as you learn about the scientific method and immerse yourself in psychological research.

Psychology studies are foundational to many fields, such as education, social work, medicine and industry. 

If you’re an active listener and a lifelong learner, this is the degree for you!  

Program Requirements

General Education Courses Credits
  Written & Oral Communications 9
  Mathematics 3
  Natural Science (BIO 103/104 & BIO 107/108 recommended) 7-8
  Social Science (PSY 101 required & SOC 101 recommended) 6
  Arts & Humanities 3
  History 6
  Diversity 3
  Total 46-47
*See General Education Requirements on page 56 of the College Catalog.
Program Course Credits
Select twelve credit hours from the following
PSY 106* Psychology of Scientific Thinking 3
PSY 203 Human Sexuality 3
PSY 210* Psychology as a Profession and Practice 3
PSY 250 Educational Psychology 3
PSY 251 Child & Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY 255 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 256 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 257 Psychology of Adjustment 3
PSY 258 Psychology of Personality 3
PSY 259 Social Psychology 3


  Electives 2-3
  Total Requirements for Degree 61

*Recommended for students transferring to Rowan University