“My vision is for RCBC to be a first choice for students and faculty where diversity is valued and all are empowered to boldly pursue different ideas to better serve the community, help students achieve their goals and meet the needs of the modern economy.”

-Dr. Michael A. Cioce

The 2020 Strategic Plan provided an aspirational image of a modern community college during a time of great change for RCBC. The college was among many major initiatives such as creating New Jersey’s original 3+1 path, launching the Workforce Development Institute and modernizing the Mount Laurel Campus as part of a plan to better use the college’s resources through consolidation.

As that plan concluded and it works, RCBC remains a transformative vehicle for growth for countless individuals and the communities we serve. With more than a half century of innovation in our history, we will always look to the future with eager anticipation of the challenges we will identify and overcome as part of our 2025 strategic planning cycle.


Fall 2018

In his first collegewide address as the college’s sixth president, Dr. Michael A. Cioce set his sights on strategic planning by unveiling his Vision for Success that would establish a vision and tone for the college community to follow during the planning cycle.

A college-wide brainstorming session consolidated the seven-point vision into three focal areas: enhancing college culture and communication, guiding and supporting students and promoting academic success beyond the classroom.

Spring 2019

The college formed task force committees to examine each of these areas.

Fall 2019

President Cioce announced a college-wide organizational climate survey to provide a baseline for improvements and inform decisions about the college’s initiatives and ongoing strategic planning.

Spring 2020

The college’s senior leadership reviews the current strategic plan and identifies a need to change the pillars to Culture, Access and Affordability, Student Success and Quality and Effectiveness.

President Cioce shares preliminary results from the fall climate survey.

Summer 2020

The college shared detailed analysis of the climate survey and committees dedicated to each pillar begin to work on goals and narrative for the plan.


September 2020

The proposed plan is presented to stakeholders. President Cioce will invite the community to a public forum to present the plan and welcome input.

October 2020

After incorporating community feedback, the plan will be finalized and presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at its meeting.

RCBC 2025 Strategic Plan

The college's Strategic Plan 2025 will begin on January 1, 2021. The plan was drafted with collegewide input and is based upon four pillars: Culture, Access and Affordability, Student Success and Quality, and Effectiveness.