Free Books for students in winter session.

Isabella Caputi
Can a university student have a successful experience taking a course at RCBC? Yes!

Isabella Caputi took classes at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC), where she made lasting connections, something that was lacking at her four-year college experience.

Winter Session – Complete a course over winter break around your schedule!

  • Completely online

  • December 20 to January 17

  • Credits transfer to four-year colleges

  • Free books for students who register by December 20

Available for current RCBC students, future RCBC students or those on break from a four-year college. Even if you're attending another college, you can take a course at RCBC!

What subjects are included?
  • Anthropology

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Art

  • Speech

  • Biology

  • Computer Information Systems

  • Math

  • Physics

  • Physical Science

What makes winter session so great?

Winter session courses are great for catching up or getting ahead to stay on track with your graduation and career goals.

  • Stay on pace to graduate.
  • Perform the same or better in your courses.
  • Reach your career goals sooner.
  • Save on tuition / reduce your debt by graduating on time.