2023 Annual Fashion Show

2023 Fashion Design Cover for event program using student fashion design sketches

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2022 Annual Fashion Show

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2021 Annual Fashion Show

On Wednesday, May 12, the fashion students came out of COVID-19 quarantine to celebrate their designs. Although fashion students and the RCBC community missed last year’s Annual Fashion Show, this year they were determined to show their resiliency and dedication to their craft. The department is so proud of their students who worked through virtual and hybrid courses and met the course demands during these trying times. Here are some of the students’ outstanding fashion collections that were designed, pattern-drafted, pro-typed and finally made into clothes for the models.

All Dressed in White
Jennifer Shultz

Jennifer Shultz stands between her models. Her collection “All Dressed in White'' was a thesis project for FAD 222 Fashion Collection. Jennifer stepped out of her comfort zone when she became fascinated by the white dresses of the Women’s Suffragette movement  during the early 20th century. Her interests  were devoted to women who broke barriers by “borrowing  from the boys'' and utilitarian workwear, as well as soft silhouettes. The collection was paired with soft sheer silks, sturdy wools and velvets to show the structured and soft side of how women choose to be noticed in their clothes.

Jennifer and 3 models in white garmets

Sydney Boyle

Sydney Boyle is holding the quilted jacket from her collection “Sonder.” Her model wears a corset with red strings that includes a photographic print of her family. Through her designs, Sydney tells the story of her unique and richly diverse family by quilting family photos on the oversized jacket and corset. Her journey into the fashion world starts at RCBC and will continue to the Fashion Institute of Technology this fall.

Sydney holding her quilted jacket next to a model in her other design

Paradise Devil
Frankie Sanchez

Frankie Sanchez stands between her models and collection “Paradise Devil.” Her playful sportswear line was inspired by her love of Japanese anime. The designs express her aesthetics in this fun streetwear collection that can be worn any time. Each garment was hand painted in strategic sections to show off her favorite anime graphics.

Frankie standing between her 3 models

2019 Annual Fashion Show

The Annual Fashion Show was held on May 10, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the RCBC Student Success Center on the Mount Laurel Campus. This show featured over 80 designs from RCBC fashion students.

Nautical Perfection
Clean, oversized pastel seafarer stripes hit the runway
Designed by: Stefanie Ellmeyer (a,c,d) and Ariel Dennis (b)

Nautical Perfection Collection

Millenial meets Gen Z “Hip”
Designed by: Scott Finlay (a) and Aaron Greene (b,c,d)

Inter-Urban Collection

Chartruse and Tangerine accent summertime styles
Designed by: Gary Haines (a) and Sara Connelly (b,c,d)

ColorSplash Collection

Golden Oldies
A “blast from the past” as designers borrow  looks from the  from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s
Designed by: Danielle Guetta (a), Ciara Radwell (b), Kersten Jacques (c) and Jaycee Willians (d)

Golden Oldies Collection

Empowered Beauty
Confident , independent “Dress for Success” designs
Designed by: Noel Van Ravenstein (a,b,d) and Jillian Farrell (c)

Empowered Beauty Collection

Personal Style
Reinterpretations of modern classics
Designed by: 
Jordan Parton (a) Brian D’Antona (b), Lexi Flood (c) and Hannah Hill  (d)

Personal Style Collection

Sweet Dreams
Light shimmering translucent shades of water and ice float down the runway.
Designed by: Sara Connelly (a) Racheal Eseltine (b,d) Jillian Farrell (c)

Sweet Dreams Collection

2018 Annual Fashion Show

Mixed Up
Multi-plaids, checks, patchwork and stripes are cleverly appealing. Student designers (left to right) Noel Van Ravenstein, Gary Haines, Jasmine Leftwich , Gary Haines experiment with multidimensional fabrics.

Mixed Up Pieces on RCBC Students

Avant-Garde by Design 
Student designers (left to Right) Karolina Krukowska, Malik Fisher, Karolina Krukowska and Jordan Parton play around with hemlines, sleeves and layering for bold statements and unconventional designs.

Avant-Garde Pieces on RCBC Students

Put Out the Fire
Glossy, Fire Engine Red pants and top by Briana Knight heats up the show while soft whites by Saisha Tang (left )and Rubye Flowers(right) cool down the runway. A smoky black jumpsuit adorned with pearls by Gul Bolukbos sizzles with steam.

Put Out the Fire Pieces on RCBC Students

Color Splash
Bold color defines jumpsuits, oversized blazers , paper dress and ruffled tops. (Left to Right) Racheal Eseltine, Malik Fisher , Katie Oppermann and Laurence Mobio.

Color Splash Pieces on RCBC Students