Grow with us. 

In order to create a strong brand at Rowan College at Burlington County, the logo must remain consistent in all internal and external usages. Never alter the logo or present it in a way where the text becomes illegible. Please refer to the college's one-page reference guide.

The college contracts with CORE81 through CLC, the nation's leading collegiate trademark agency, to manage its trademark licensing program. Vendors interested in producing product with RCBC's name, logos and imagery, must be officially licensed through the CORE81 platform. For questions regarding CORE81, please visit or contact

If you have any specific questions, concerns, or requests in regards to using the RCBC logo or brand standards, please contact the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications at

Official Logo

The primary college logo is to be used in most instances to visually represent the college. The mobius, a continuous ribbon-like strip that represents education as a lifelong, never ending experience, is encased in a red circle. The college name is displayed to the right of the mobius.

Rowan College at Burlington County

College Seal

The college seal is used to provide authenticity to official documents (ex: graduation). The mark can only be used with approval from the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications. The shield encompasses the college’s opening year, mobius, and the inscription “Scientia, Vertias, Lux” which translates to Knowledge, Truth, Light.


Stacked Logo

The college’s stacked logo may only represent the college in instances where the logo imprint or display size is restricted and cannot accomodate the primary logo. This stacked logo is intended to increase font legibility of the college name in its use.

Stacked Logo

Barons Logos

The RCBC Barons logo is used to represent the spirit of the college and feature our mascot Barry. The word Barons is set in red next to the B with the words RCBC and Barry's helmet inside.

Baron helmet inside of a B that says BARONS RCBC