Explore the skills necessary to venture into entry-level positions in commercial, editorial, corporate, portrait, wedding and public relations photography. Enjoy a traditional darkroom, modern digital lab facilities and a substantial range of professional lighting equipment.

Program Requirements

General Education Courses Credits
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ART 101 Introduction to Art 3
  Total 6
Program Courses  
GDD 101 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
PHO 102  Black and White Photography I 3
PHO 115 History of Photography 3
PHO 120 Digital Photography I 3
PHO 202 Black and White Photography II 3
PHO 203 Portfolio Production 2
PHO 207 Portrait Photography 3
PHO 215 Digital Photography II 3
PHO 220 Studio Photography 3
  Total 26
  Total Credits Required 32
Professional Associations

There are a variety of professional organizations that have a dedicated focus to promote the photography profession, provide professional support, and offer educational resources. Students are encouraged to join and learn more about the profession, increase their chance for opportunities, and expand their network, both locally and nationally.

Local Organizations

National Organizations

Program Contact

Lila Ingui
Photography Program Coordinator