This pathway leads to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Global Business and Leadership from Rowan University.

3+1 students are required to earn at least one associate degree prior to transitioning into senior year. Liberal Arts and Sciences, Option: Business Administration is the recommended associate degree. Courses from the associate degree should be used to satisfy requirements listed below.

This is a sample schedule. Please see your personalized plan in AVISO if you have already signed up for 3+1.


Sample Schedule for 3+1 Business Administration: Global Business and Leadership

RCBC Courses: total of 90 credits

Semester 1 (15-16 credits)

  • ENG 101 College Composition I
  • Math: MTH 112 College Algebra, MTH 130 Pre-Calculus, MTH 142 Calculus: T/A, or MTH 118 Calculus I
  • ECO 203 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ACC 110 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUA 205 Business Law I

Semester 2 (16 credits)

  • ENG 102 College Composition II
  • Natural Science with Lab (see associate’s degree for options)
  • ECO 204 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Diversity (recommend ANT 102 or REL 205 for international studies minor)
  • ACC 111 Principles of Accounting II

Semester 3 (15-16 credits)

  • Social Science (see associate degree for options)
  • Natural Science (see associate degree for options)
  • *MTH 143 Statistics I (required for AS.BUS) or MTH 107 Intro to Statistics
  • *BUA 220 Principles of Marketing
  • History (recommend HIS 106 or HIS 104 for international studies minor)

Semester 4 (12-14 credits)

  • Artistic Literacy: ART 101, MUS 101, or THR 101
  • BUA 206 Business Law II
  • *MTH 118 Calculus I or MTH 142 Calculus: T/A or Elective, if math was completed in semester 1
  • CIS 161 Computer Applications
  • Elective, if need for 60 credits

Semester 5 (15 credits)

  • Literature (PHI 205 or any RCBC LIT except LIT 215 and LIT 218
  • BUA 375 Business Logistics 
  • BUA 300 Organizational Behavior 
  • BUA 234 Management Information Systems 
  • Elective (recommend Language course for international studies minor)

Semester 6 (15 credits)

  • SPE 102 Public Speaking
  • BUA 301 Directed Research in Business
  • BUA 302 Human Resource Management 
  • BUA 361 Supervised Internship (150 hours)
  • Elective (recommend Language course for international studies minor)


Check self-service for prerequisite requirements and associate degree requirements.

Electives are any RCBC course; email for questions about electives.

If you complete all recommended and required courses, earn an associate degree after semester 4.

*BUA 220, MTH 142 or MTH 118 and MTH 143 must be C- or higher.

Fall only start for junior year courses.

BUA 375, BUA 234 and BUA 300 are fall only courses; must be signed up for 3+1 to register for this course.

BUA 301 and BUA 302 are spring only courses; must be signed up for 3+1 to register for this course.

BUA 361 is spring or summer only;must be signed up for 3+1 to register for this course.


Rowan University Courses: 30 credits

Courses are taken in a hybrid format (online and in Mount Laurel) or fully online. Need 2.5 GPA to transition into senior year.

Semester 1 (15 credits)

  • MKT 09.379 International Marketing (GLBL)                  
  • MGT 06.330 Managing International Business
  • MGT 06.310 Leadership/Supervision Managers
  • MGT 06.305 Operations Management
  • FIN 04.300 Principles of Finance  

Semester 2 (15 credits)

  • MGT 06.402 Business Policy                  
  • BUS 01.404 Global Business Simulation
  • Upper Division Business Elective
  • FIN 04.435 International Financial Management
  • SCL 01.380 Global Supply Chain


Meet with Rowan University Advisor prior to senior year to confirm schedule.

Fall only start for senior year courses.

FIN 04.300 must be C or higher.

Must take a minimum of 30 credits with Rowan University.

Total credits required for BS is 120 between Rowan University credits and transfer credits.