The Institutional Research team provides college leadership, the college community, stakeholders and the public with clear, accurate, reliable and timely information, including analysis, studies and reports concerning the operation and mission delivery of Rowan College at Burlington County.

Activities include:

  • Providing leadership and guidance supportive of informed decision-making
  • Collecting, maintaining and preserving institutional data
  • Preparing data and reports as mandated by local, state and federal agencies
  • Supporting administration, faculty and staff with assessment and planning processes
  • Periodically surveying students, graduates, faculty, staff and members of the Burlington County community
  • Voluntary reporting and collaborating with external associations and initiatives. 

External Surveys

  • Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)™

The Noel-Levitz SSI measures student satisfaction and importance on items related to their experiences of student life and learning.

2021 SSI Executive Summary

  • Noel-Levitz Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL)™

The Noel-Levitz PSOL is the ‘sister’ survey of the SSI, focusing on those students that self-selected into online courses.

2020 PSOL Executive Summary (PDF)

  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)™

    The CCSSE measures institutional practices and student behavior that are correlated with student learning and retention.

2021 CCSSE Report

2021 CCSSE Means Comparison (NJ)

2021 CCSSE Frequency Distributions (NJ)

Internal Surveys

  • RCBC Alumni Survey

The RCBC Alumni Survey was developed internally based on best practices. Results provide the college with curriculum feedback, as it relates to success in the workforce and/or further education. It also enables us to gather details on employment.

  • RCBC Organizational Climate Survey

The RCBC Organizational Climate Survey assesses employee perceptions of their work environments.

  • IOTA

Course evaluations are conducted during the fall and spring semesters through IOTA Solution's MyClassEvaluation online-administered format. These evaluations are used to provide the necessary feedback to improve teaching and learning, and to help the college continue to deliver an outstanding educational experience for our students.