Are you looking for somewhere to relax, study, or grab a bite to eat between classes?  If so, you can find it at any one of our various lounge locations throughout campus:

5 students sitting around computer smiling
Student Success Lounge

This is the central hub to hang out, meet new people, and join a wellness event. There are plenty of comfortable seating options and we have grab and go food, coffee, and beverages in the bookstore. Vending machines and microwaves are also available. Check out our state of the art media wall where you will find video game tournaments, movies, campus announcements, and more.

four students sitting on couches smiling
Votta Hall Circle

Located on the first floor of Votta, the seating around the auditorium circle is the perfect place to get some studying done before that big test. The space has great lighting and tends to be a bit quieter, which creates an excellent spot to prep for class.

students working in lounge
Laurel Hall Lounge

This is the perfect place if you have a few minutes between classes to relax.  Enjoy the natural sunlight and beautiful view of campus through the giant, floor to ceiling windows.  There are also vending machines if you are looking for a snack.

students working in lounge
TEC Lounge

Found at the end of the hallway on the first floor of the TEC Building, this hidden gem of a lounge is a great place to catch up with friends before class.

Please be respectful of others and make these spaces a place where everyone feels welcome. Help keep the lounges looking nice by throwing away your trash and taking your belongings when you leave.
Everyone is responsible for maintaining the lounges and social spaces. Be sure to do your part to maintain a happy and welcoming space for all RCBC students.