Earn an RCBC Associate of Science degree and a Rowan University Bachelor of Arts in Inclusive Education with the 3+1 Inclusive Education major.

This program prepares teachers to meet the needs of all students in the classroom, including students of diverse backgrounds and students with disabilities. This major leads to certification in Elementary Education (K-6) and the Teacher of Students with Disabilities endorsement.

Possible Careers: Inclusive Education teacher (K-6), General Elementary Education teacher (K-6), Lead special education teacher in a resource room or specialized support class (P-12) and Co-teacher in either inclusive, general or special education classroom

Checklist for Inclusive Education Students
  1. Fill out the 3+1 application in Self-Service as soon as first semester at RCBC.
  2. Follow courses mapped out by Alie O’Neil or Diana Davenport.
  3. Make sure you are in the correct major at RCBC. Students should be in AS. Education, unless otherwise noted on your plan mapped out by the Rowan Relations Office.
  4. Pass Praxis Core by April 30th prior junior year.
  5. Clear a background check/Criminal History prior to completing EDU 215.
  6. 3.0 GPA, B- or higher in EDU 130, EDU 215, MUS 250, EDU 220, and C- or higher in all other required courses.
  7. Keep track of transition points for junior and senior year.
Clinical Information

Important Information About Clinical Practice (student teaching and observations)

  • Clinical Experience requires full days in the school district, starting with 1 day a week fall of junior year and increasing to 2 days a week in spring of junior year.
  • There are also courses required on the days students are not in clinical.
  • Clinical Practice in the senior year is 2.5-3 days a week in fall and 5 days a week in the spring.
  • It’s important to have reliable transportation for junior and senior year clinicals.
  • Clinicals can be offered outside of Burlington County.
  • Students are required to attend full time and during the day for junior and senior year. Courses cannot be moved to summer.

Praxis Core is a basic skills assessment required for all Education majors in NJ. For an online study guide, click here.

If you need help preparing for the test, do a tutpring walk-in session or make an appointment with the tutoring center.

The Praxis Core requirements:

Reading (5713): Score of at least 156

Writing (5723): Score of at least 162

Math (5733): Score of at least 150

Praxis II test required for 3+1 Inclusive Education include:

Special Education Praxis II (5354): Minimum score of 151

Elementary Praxis II, test (5001) (multiple subjects):

Reading and Language Arts (5002): passing score 157

Math (5003): passing score 157

Social Studies (5004): passing score 155

Science (5005): passing score 159

* To pass the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test you must receive a passing score on each subtest. If you wish to take all four subtests (5002, 5003, 5004, 5005) at the same time, select Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001) when registering. If you wish to take or retake an individual subtest, you may register to take just that subtest

For frequently asked questions about Praxis Core and II, click here.

When registering for any praxis test, please list Rowan University as your school recipient 


Please note this major map guide is not a substitute for academic advisement.

Interested students can register for this program at any time by logging into BaronOne and then accessing the application in Self-Service.