Have some questions about coming to RCBC as an international student? Review this list of frequently asked questions or send us an email.

Who is considered an international student?

International students are applicants who are not US citizens or permanent residents.

What is an F-1 visa?

An F-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issue by a US Consulate to an alien student who is seeking entry into the US to pursue full-time studies in a US academic institution.

What is an F-1 status?

An F-1 status is a non-immigrant status issued by the USCIS to the non-immigrant student who is pursuing full-time studies in the US.

I/my parents/husband/wife have applied for a green card. Am I still an international student?

Yes. You are still considered an international student until you have the green card, and can provide us with a copy.

How do I apply for admission?

As an international student, you must satisfy specific requirements to be considered for admission to Rowan College at Burlington County. The application packet contains detailed instructions for completing the application.

What are your admission deadlines?

International students are accepted for the fall and spring terms ONLY. We do not accept international students for the summer term.

  • Applications for the fall term must be received by June 30.
  • Applications for the spring term must be received by October 30.
How and when will I be notified of my acceptance to Rowan College at Burlington County?

Applications are typically processed in 2 to 3 weeks. International applicants who fulfill all of the admission requirements will be notified by email about the status of their application. A valid email address is very important, as this will be our method of communicating with you about the next steps in the process.

Can I begin my studies at Rowan College at Burlington County during the summer term?

International students are only admitted for the fall and spring terms. As a continuing student at Rowan College at Burlington County, you will have the option to take classes during the summer or winter term, even though this is not required.

Do I need to take an English proficiency/placement exam?

The requirement to complete a proficiency/placement exam is dependent on the program the student chooses to study. Once a student applies and is accepted, they will be informed if an exam is required for their program.

Do my application materials need to be translated?

If your application materials include any documents that are not in English and/or US currency, you must provide us with an official translation in addition to the original documents. As proof of successful completion of U.S. high school equivalency, you should submit a certified copy of high school transcripts translated into English by any current members of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) that verifies completion of secondary school and college/university.

What makes a document OFFICIAL?

Documents must be issued directly from the authorizing institution such as a bank, school or testing agency or a photocopy of the original that is stamped by an official such as a notary or magistrate. All official documents must have a stamp, seal or be printed on official letterhead paper from the authorizing institution. All documents submitted to Rowan College at Burlington County become the property of the college and cannot be returned.

Does RCBC offer English as a Second Language (ESL) program?

RCBC offers the English as a Second Language (ESL) Pathway Program for F-1 international applicants. The ESL Pathway program is a program for students combining the credit-bearing and developmental ESL coursework to prepare a student to meet the English proficiency. This program is for the degree-seeking international students (F-1 Visa) who have met admission requirements at RCBC; however, they need to improve their English proficiency.

There is in-person ESL advising available, click here for more information.

How much does it cost to study at Rowan College at Burlington County?

Tuition and fees are posted here. International students are required to show sponsorship of at least $21,000 at the time of application.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Financial aid is not available to F-1 visa status holders.

What is an I-20 and why do I need one?

A Form I-20 is a US government document that certifies that you are eligible for F-1 student status. That means that (1) you are or expect to be a “bona fide” student; (2) you meet our admissions requirements; (3) you will pursue a full course of study; (4) you proved to us that you have enough money to study and live in the US without working illegally or suffering from poverty.

You need a Form I-20 to obtain an F-1 student visa or status, or to keep lawful F-1 status when transferring or changing schools in the US.

Can I work while I am studying at Rowan College at Burlington County?

Do not expect that you will be able to work in the US to help meet your annual costs. On-campus employment is limited and competitive; off-campus employment is strictly controlled by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Additionally, as part of the application process, you must prove to us that you can support the costs of living and studying in the US for every year of your program of study. This is required by the US Government in order for us to issue the Form I-20.

Is there housing on campus?

Rowan College at Burlington County does not have on-campus housing. Most F-1 students reside with family members or arrange their own apartment housing. 

Can I take classes online?

You must take at least 9 credit hours face-to-face, and then you may take 3 or more credit hours online.

Can I study part-time at Rowan College at Burlington County?

You must be enrolled in a full course of study (at least 12 credit hours) in order to maintain F-1 status.

What is a Social Security Number and how do I get one?

A social security number (SSN) is a nine digit number issued to US citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents for employment purposes.

How long will it take me to complete my program of study at Rowan College at Burlington County?

Rowan College at Burlington County provides you with 2.5 years to complete your program requirements. The amount of time you actually need to complete your studies can be affected by many factors such as transferring foreign credits, the need for ESL or additional preparatory courses, etc.