It's never too soon to plan your courses for transfer to Rowan University. See below for suggested course sequences for traditional transfer paths to Rowan University. If you're looking for 3+1 paths, please click here.

Rowan University Major Maps

Please note, course sequence may vary slightly based on factors such as placement exam, college courses completed in high school, or transfer credits from another school. Students are responsible for checking pre-requisites. This guide is not a substitute for academic advisement.


A.S. Chemistry → B.S. Biochemistry


A.S. Business Administration →
B.S. College of Business

  • A.S. Chemistry → B.A. Chemistry 
  • A.S. Chemistry → B.S. Chemistry 
Computer Science

A.S. Computer Science →
B.S. Computer Science

Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management

A.S. Criminal Justice →
B.S. Disaster Preparedness and
Emergency Management

Elementary Education

A.S.Education → B.A. Education: Elementary Education

Environmental Programs
  • A.S. Environmental Science → B.A. Environmental Science
  • A.S. Environmental Science → B.S. Environmental Science
  • A.S. Environmental Science → B.A. Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Human Services

A.A.S. Human Services →
B.A. Human Services


A.S. Mathematics →
B.S./B.A. Mathematics

  • A.A.S. Entertainment Technology/ Sound & Recording Engineering → B.S. Music Industry (Music Technology)
  • A.S. Music → B.M. Music 
  • A.S. Education → B.M. Music Education 
Political Science

A.A. Political Science → B.A. Political Science


A.A. Sociology → B.A. Sociology