This pathway leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, TV & Film from Rowan University!

This is a sample schedule for your RCBC courses. Please make an appointment in AVISO for a personalized plan. The recommended associate degree at RCBC is Entertainment Technology/Video & Digital Media Production (AAS.ETV).

RCBC Courses

Total credits: 60




Semester 1
(16 credits)

  • ENG 101 College Composition I (3CR)
  • Math: MTH 107, MTH 113, MTH 118, MTH 142 or MTH 143 (3-4CR)
  • Elective (recommend ETC 105 for AAS.ETV) (3CR)
  • ETV 101 TV Production (Studio) (4CR)
  • Elective (3CR)

Check self-service for prerequisite requirements and associate degree requirements.

Semester 2
(16 credits)

  • ENG 102 College Composition II (3CR)
  • Natural Science with Lab (recommend BIO 120/121 or PSC 105/106) (4CR)
  • COM 120 Radio Production (3CR)
  • ETV 105 Editing (3CR)
  • CIN 109 American Cinema (3CR)

Electives are any RCBC course; email for questions about electives.

Semester 3
(13 credits)

  • Social Science (see associate’s degree for options) (3CR)
  • ETV 102 TV Production (Field) (4CR)
  • Arts and Humanities (recommend PHI 101) (3CR)
  • Literature (PHI 205 or any RCBC LIT except LIT 215 and LIT 218) (3CR)

C or better in ETV 101, ETV 102, ETV 105, CIN 109, COM 120 & LIT 218

Semester 4
(15 credits)

  • Diversity Course (see associate’s degree for options) (3CR)
  • SPE 102 Public Speaking (3CR)
  • LIT 218 Literature and Film (3CR)
  • Elective (recommend ETC 222 for AAS.ETV) (3CR)
  • Elective (recommend SOC 207 for AAS.ETV) (3CR)

If you complete all recommended and required courses, you will earn an AAS.ETV degree after semester 4.


Rowan University Courses

Total credits: 60
Courses are taken on the Glassboro Campus. Students need to apply to Rowan University in their last semester at RCBC. Students are automatically admitted if they graduate from RCBC with an AA or AS degree and complete the traditional transfer application process. Please meet with your Rowan University academic advisor to plan your courses at Rowan University.