This pathway leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Education: Elementary Education from Rowan University!

This is a sample schedule for your RCBC courses. Please meet make an appointment in AVISO for a personalized plan. The recommended associate’s degree at RCBC is Education (AS.EDU).

RCBC Courses: total 60 credits

Semester 1

(15 credits)

  • ENG 101 College Composition I
  • MTH 211 Math Structures I
  • PSY 250 Educational Psychology
  • HIS 101 U.S History I OR HIS 102 U.S. History II
  • SOC 101 Principles of Sociology

Check self-service for prerequisite requirements and associate degree requirements

Semester 2

(16 credits)

  • ENG 102 College Composition II
  • BIO 120 and BIO 121 Basic Bio/Human Affairs & lab or BIO 110 and BIO 111 Fund Hum Anatomy & Phys I & Lab
  • MTH 212 Math Structures II
  • EDU 130 Human Exceptionality 
  • PSY 251 Child and Adolescent Psychology


Semester 3

(14 credits)

  • Non-Biology Science (recommend PSC 105, PSC 107, PSC 120, PSC 140 or PHY 120)
  • Elective (suggest lab with non-biology science)
  • GEO 102 Principles of Geography
  • EDU 112 Historical Foundations of American Education
  • EDU 220 Educational Technology
  • SPE 102 Public Speaking

C or higher in all courses

Semester 4

(15 credits)

  • Diversity: recommend ANT 102 Cultural Anthropology
  • EDU 105 Teaching as a Profession
  • EDU 210 Inclusive Principles & Pedagogies (20 hrs field); Spring only
  • HWP 101 Intro to Health and Wellness
  • Literature (PHI 205 LIT 203, LIT 206, LIT 209, LIT 210, or LIT 220)

If you complete all recommended and required courses, you will earn an AS.EDU degree after semester 4



Must have a 3.0 GPA to enter junior year at Rowan Univeristy

Rowan University Courses: 60 credits

Courses are taken on the Glassboro Campus. Students need to apply to Rowan University in their last semester at RCBC. Students are automatically admitted if they graduate from RCBC with an AA or AS degree and complete the traditional transfer application process. Please meet with your Rowan University academic advisor to plan your courses at Rowan University.

Students should complete the praxis core prior to applying to Rowan University. Must have passing score to enter junior year. You can register at

The Praxis Core requirements: Click here for more information.

  • Reading (test code: 5713): Score of at least 156
  • Writing (test code: 5723): Score of at least 162
  • Math (test code: 5733): Score of at least 150