All students are required to accept Rowan College at Burlington County’s Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). The agreement outlines the financial terms and conditions associated with course registration. Agreeing to the terms and conditions in the FRA is your acknowledgment of your financial obligations related to registering for class(es) and your understanding of the potential consequences for failing to meet your obligations.

Your registration will not automatically be cancelled for non-payment of tuition and fees. If you do not plan to attend the semester, you must drop your registration by the end of the drop-add period per the Rowan College at Burlington County academic calendar.

Though the college may drop your courses for non-payment, there are circumstances where that action is not taken. It is the sole responsibility of each registered student to drop their class(es) by the term specific drop deadline to avoid being financially obligated for registering for courses. If your registration is not dropped, you will remain financially responsible for your tuition and fees charges.

Read the Rowan College at Burlington County Financial Responsibility Agreement by clicking here.