Students are eligible to receive a refund if they drop a class before the drop deadline. Please check the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

What is the college's refund policy?
  • All non-financial refund process starts following the last day of the official add and drop period.
  • All financial aid refunds are paid directly to the student (or parent for Parent PLUS loans) within 14 days after the credit balance occurs on the student's account.
  • A credit card refund is processed for the payments made with credit card.
  • Credit balance generated from a check or cash payment will be issued a refund in the form of a check or a direct deposit of refund to the provided bank account.
  • All check refunds are mailed to the address the College has on file. For a smoother, quicker refund, it is student’s responsibility to provide correct mailing address to be on record with the College.
  • Effective fall 2017 dropped course(s) up until last day of add and drop period is eligible for a refund of 100% for the paid tuition and fees. Specific withdrawal dates for the current semester and mini-terms can be found by visiting the Academic Calendar.
  • Failure to attend class or stopping attendance does NOT constitute an official drop. Students are responsible to drop the course(s) by coming in-person or online by the deadline listed on the Academic calendar
Are there exceptions? How do I appeal?

The college's Office of Student Accounts reviews any student requests for exception to the college's stated financial policies. Appeal decisions are based on the student's claim as well as supporting documentation that validate an extenuating circumstance. Appeals should be submitted within 90 days of the occurrence of the extenuating circumstance. Please click here to access the form. 

Choose the best refund method.

To provide students with the best service and ensure the quickest delivery of student refunds, RCBC requires students who are eligible to receive a refund to enroll in our e-refund (electronic refund) service. No need to wait for a check in the mail or risk the mail being delayed or even lost. You can receive your refund fast! Set up your eRefund account now by following these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your BaronOne account

  2. Select the Self-Service tile

  3. On the Colleague Self-Service page, select “Payment Options and Account Management”

  4. Under the My Profile Setup section, select “Electronic Refunds”


***Credit card payments will be refunded to the credit card initially used for the payment. 


Students may be dropped from their registered courses due to non-payment. This action is specific to each semester term. Students are not dropped for non-payment when registering on or after the term start date or during the add period of any term.

Upon registering, payment in full, a payment plan set up through Touchnet (the college's payment plan vendor), or a sponsorship or financial aid paying for your tuition and fees at 100% is required to avoid being dropped from classes after the semester payment due date. Once the payment due date for a semester has passed students may continue to register, but must make payment arrangements within 7 days to avoid being dropped due to non-payment.

Past Due Balances

A past due balance is an unpaid amount owed to the college. Avoid past due balances to ensure you aren't prevented from registering for class, requesting a transcript or obtaining your diploma.

What if I have a past due balance?

A student with a past due balance is placed on a block to preventing registration, request of a transcript and diploma if graduating.

A letter and email to the RCBC email is sent informing students of the balance and to make appropriate arrangement with the Office of Student Accounts to clear the bill.

Rowan College at Burlington County refers outstanding accounts to collections six months after the balance has occurred and after failing to make payment arrangements with the office.

Students referred to Collections will be responsible for the additional cost charged by the Collection Agency.

In addition, the collection agency may be authorized to report debts to consumer reporting agencies.

Authorized Users

The Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (also known as FERPA) protects each student’s academic record and financial information beyond directory information. This law prevents RCBC from discussing a student’s information with anyone other than the student and their authorized user(s).​ Only students are permitted to set up an authorized user.

What information does an authorized user have access to?

By setting up an authorized user, the user will be able to:

  • Have his/her own online account to view student financial information only (cannot access academic or personal records).
  • Make a payment on the student account.
  • Enroll and manage the payment plan.
How do I setup an authorized user?
  • Go to and log in to your BaronOne account

  • Select the Self-Service tile

  • On the Colleague Self-Service page, select “Payment Options and Account Management”

  • Under the My Profile Setup section, select “Authorized Users”

Residency Requirements

Students who indicate on their applications that they are residents of Burlington County satisfy the residency requirements by signing their applications. If requested, students must be able to submit a notarized statement of residency. Any falsification of information may subject the student to dismissal from Rowan College at Burlington County.

Out-of-county, Out-of-state students
Persons who do not reside in Burlington County are accepted for admission using the same criteria as for county residents. Non-county residents, however, will be charged more tuition.