Your first year of college can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking times in your life! Use this page to connect with your assigned advisor and learn about the things that new students and their families should know in the first year.

Things to know for your first advising appointment:
  • Come prepared. An advising appointment lasts up to an hour so bring questions, take notes, and be sure to follow up!
  • Send all official test scores and transcripts. This can take a little time to be received so for the first advising appointment we suggest bringing in unofficial copies.
  • Advising is an ongoing process. There will need to be follow up appointments each term to update your academic plan.
  • Get to know your advisor. And help them to get to know you!
  • Take the lead. We welcome family or other supporters during your appointment, but this is your education so you are the one leading the way.
  • The decision is ultimately yours. While your advisor might help you to think through your options, you get to decide.
  • Keep an open mind. An advising appointment might open the door to opportunities you didn’t even know existed.