Library Services and Assistance

Library Lending and Fees

The college will enforce fines for not complying with library regulations.

  1. Print materials in the general collection circulate for 28 days, with media circulating for one week.
  2. A person may borrow a maximum of five items on one subject, with a total of 35 items allowed to be borrowed at one time.
  3. Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on or before the due date.
  4. The library will attempt to send out notices advising the borrower of outstanding materials and/or outstanding charges. We will use the contact information in our system to send these notices. Borrowers are responsible for notifying the library directly of any changes in contact information.
  5. A fine of $0.15 per day, per item is charged on overdue items, excluding media (DVDs for example) which are $1 per day, per item and reserve items which carry a substantial hourly fine.
  6. Laptops borrowed from the Library accrue late fees of $2.00 per hour overdue. If a laptop is more than 24 hours overdue, a $300 replacement fee is assessed against the borrower's account.
  7. Mobile chargers accrue late fees of $2 per hour overdue.
  8. Library privileges are suspended when a borrower accrues more than $10 in fees and fines.
  9. Failure to return any library materials results in a minimum charge of $50 per item or the actual replacement cost, whichever is higher, plus a processing fee. Replacement of the item is at the discretion of the library.
  10. With very few exceptions (see library personnel) reserve items may not be removed from the library. Any reserve item removed from the library will immediately result in a substantial item replacement fee being applied to the borrower’s account.
  11. Current textbooks are always considered reserve items.
  12. Fines due to any RCBC library or any branch of the County library system may result in suspension of borrowing or library access privileges.