NJ Transfer

The NJ Transfer Website is designed to help students achieve successful transfer from a community college to a four-year college or university in the State, by providing current course equivalencies and recommended transfer programs on the Internet. Users will learn which courses to select at the community college and how these courses will satisfy degree and major requirements at New Jersey's four-year colleges and universities. To visit the NJ Transfer website, Click Here.


The College Board helps students connect with and successfully complete a high-quality college education. We provide resources, tools and services to students, parents, colleges and universities in the areas of college planning, recruitment and admissions, financial aid, and retention. To view the College Board website, Click Here.


Peterson's is everywhere education happens because whenever and however you need education content delivered, you can rely on Peterson’s to provide the information, know-how, and guidance to help you reach your goals. With more than 40 years of experience, Peterson’s is now poised to be the best education content provider in the United States. To view the Peterson's website, Click Here.


Fastweb is the premier online resource for paying and preparing for college. To search fo scholarships on the Fastweb website, click here.


CollegeView is a site for students searching for college-related information. CollegeView contains hundreds of articles pertaining to the college planning process, along with over 4,000 college-specific information pages. Students can also use the college search tool, SuperMatch, to search for and find colleges that match interests and needs. To visit the CollegeView website, click here.